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Surreally goofy: Detective Pikachu was a good Mother’s Day Flick

“That’s a bad guy car”. Yes, it was and that was a funny line. Yet, not many people laughed in the movie theatre. Despite that, I liked the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie.

I am going to admit a few things. First, I do not know anything about the Pokemon franchise. Nothing. Well, I knew one thing. Apparently, Pokemons battle each other. I remember learning that a few years back thinking that was a bit warped. Second, I love Deadpool. And, this felt like a Deadpool movie without the cussing, blood, violence, and dark outlook. Ok. What’s left you may wonder. Well, Ryan Reynolds. I seriously felt it was Deadpool as a prepubescent. Ryan Reynolds is charming and funny, in a curmudgeon way. And that comes through. There were many bits in the movie at which I laughed but not many others did. I am not too sure why that was other than there were a lot of kids. Third, I saw the twist coming. Nonetheless, it was still nice.

My son and I went to watch the movie together for Mother’s Day. And, it was a good movie for us as it was, at the end of the day, a family film. The movie was about discovering oneself within the context of loved ones and reconnecting to that context. It was an odd, quirky film that I could still follow despite not being a Pokemon fan. Although, there were moments where my son did explain to me a few plot points. But, I must emphasize it was a quirky film that maybe could have been even more odd considering its premise. I would have liked to have seen it go even deeper into pokemon lore, sensibilities, and abilities. But, at way under 2 hours, the movie moved along. After catching Avengers Endgame which clocked in at 3 hours, this rapidly moving film hit the Mother’s Day spot.

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