And the world heard a haunting yet moving melody

It can be an odd world, especially once you leave it and return. Walking through the streets and hoping to find redemption can be a difficult task. You have to be open to what the universe throws out at you.

Open. Not closed. She knew that.


She came across an old piano. It was flowering. Just like she wanted to. She wanted to help purify the air. Give back to the world.   Bring happiness.  Can an old piano with no working keys but one that is helping nurture soil bring anything of worth to the world?  Of course it can.


She tapped the button on her helmet and she shrank. She climbed into the piano and whispered to it from the inside. She let her droplets of blood fall onto the surface.   And the world heard a haunting yet moving melody.

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  1. Played the Piano by Sheet Music
    Played Life by Sheet Music Couldn’t
    Even Create ‘Chop Sticks’ until
    One Day this came out
    Shortly Before i went to
    Hell For 66
    Months it was
    An SOS from my
    Soul finally recovered
    When i wrote
    The Lyrics to the
    Song Challenging Alexithymia
    The ‘Song oF mY SoUL’ exceeds
    6.6 Million Words now as the Music
    Finally changes away from Haunted
    Ghost Wandering Earth Dead Alive…


  2. The Sound Quality is not
    Great ‘cause in ‘07 i recorded
    It on an Old Digital Voice Recorder
    Like the Broken
    Piano of my
    Soul.. i had
    Forgotten about
    It until i read your Words..
    Thanks.. it was almost like
    i wrote it in ‘O7 if i could
    Have put my Feelings in
    Words as Ghosts Do Live
    i am
    Living Proof..:)


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