600 days of being a busy bee: If not now, when?

I’ve been a busy bee. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Moving. Meeting new people. Making new roadmaps. Writing. It’s been a very complicated, long year and then some. But it’s been a year to seize the moment and run with things. A time to go for change because there is never a good time for change.

Throughout all this time of change, I’ve been writing about and experiencing life. Today, in particular, marks 600 days straight of writing, sharing, being wacky and whimsical. A colleague randomly bought me a small pink notebook. She has no idea I love to write but she noted that she was in Staples, saw the notebook and thought of me. She said I had an aura of whimsy about me. I laughed noting that she made my day.

Even though the past year has been complicated full of shifting parts and my 6th cross-country move, I have managed to keep a pulse on whimsy. And, for the most part, I believe bits of whimsy have seeped through into my writing. Here’s to being whimsical and finding a narrative. For there is always a story to share.

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  1. 600 Days of writing posting
    At 6 AM Central Time And 6
    Moves Cross Country Amazing
    That you post Every Day… A Life Story
    Narrating it is what
    Humans used to
    Do orally
    as Mainstay
    Before the
    Device age… Blogging
    Is as close to ‘the Good
    Old Days’ as it gets these Days…
    3.13 will be my 3,030th Consecutive
    Day Writing online since Thanksgiving
    Day 2010.. and that’s a lot of 3’s and
    Around 12 Million Words and Writing
    Is a best Psychotherapist too.. Hehe.. Mental Health Pill Potential Substitute too..:)


  2. The disruption of the move is nearing some kind of end: Facilities hung the computer monitor, the TV, and heavy paintings on the walls of our new permanent place – we can put nails in!
    It gives me an enormous amount of desk space to get the monitor up off the desk, something I’ve always wanted and needed – and the desk I bought from another resident moving to Assisted Living downstairs is a beautiful L with all kinds of extras.
    As soon as everything has a place, writing is my daily priority again – it’s just been too hard each time we move.
    I can’t wait.


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