She then felt happy because she felt sorrow

The briefcase was heavier than it looked. Gold bars would do that. But, of course, no one knew about the briefcase’s content. None of it.

She parked the car gently because that was all she knew to do. Plus, her mind was racing. Thus, everything else needed to be calm. It was all empty. Just like her heart. She had no empathy left in her. That saddened her. Not really. She couldn’t feel sadness, either.

She went inside and ordered a pastrami on rye. Even in the middle of nowhere you can find pastrami. How glorious. Pastrami gave her the feels. And, that was a good thing. There was still something that had her feel something. She turned to watch the television. That was Anthony Hopkins on the screen. Was he still alive?

She walked over to the only other person there and stood before him, opening the briefcase. He then collapsed. She ate her pastrami sandwhich before laying down next to him. She then felt happy because she felt sorrow.

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  1. Oh My! this is a powerful and also mysterious piece. It reads like the last scene of a movie. What came before I ask but I ask knowing there will never be an answer.


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