Yes, I’ve been doing bare ankles this winter

After three years in California, I got used to not paying attention to weather. I would wake up, work out, and walk out. I didn’t check the weather. It didn’t matter. I never wore socks except for exercising. I wore heels 99% of the time. Now, we fast forward to today in New York City. Despite it being winter time, I still go about my mornings as if I were in California. I wake up, work out, and walk out. I walk out without paying attention to the weather. Probably not the wisest thing to do.


The other day, I walked out and was waiting for Uber and came to find out that it was raining. I shook my head and asked myself “who knew?” You would think it would take just one time for that to happen for it to become a new habit to check out the weather first.  However, I still don’t. It’s the east coast. It’s winter.   The day is bound to have some crispness. But, since I spend the majority of the day indoors, who cares?


Yes, that means that there have been days where I have left the building (and didn’t bother to change) wearing bare ankles. I haven’t really thought much about my bare ankles. Then I saw an article lamenting the fact that there are way too many people now wearing bare ankles in the winter and apparently that is a no-no.   But, let’s be real. Growing up I was told that you are not supposed to wear white in winter. Now that rule is out. I look great in winter white. Why should I deprive myself of such a look? There are for sure some individuals who should not wear white in the winter. But, it shouldn’t be a wholesale rule.


Back to bare ankles. I did a quick google search and there were over 2,570,000 results. There is a bit of attempted shaming. Sure, some of might catch a cold by baring our ankles in the winter. And, if that happens well it’s our own fault. But, again, considering that I am running from one building to the next, I am not exposing my ankles to prolonged cold exposure. Now, I should state for the record, I do tend to wear socks. I just forgot a couple of times to do so as I put on my walking shoes and headed out in a hurry. But there is nothing really wrong with it and no need for the Wall Street Journal to get all upset about it.

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  1. I love bare ankles. But, then again, I am from a past generation. There were mysteries to discover. Blatant displays of charms were available; they just cost a surreptitious payment in dark allies.

    Bad news for the Metoo movement. It would take years to catch up.


  2. Why would anybody even care about your ankles in winter?

    Winter is a bit more problematic for me. It is one reason I left Michigan for California and never moved back.


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