In my winter of contentment: The final push to a new life path

This is it! We have traversed across southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, southern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. Previously (4 other times) we have done the cross-country trip through the middle of the country going across Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, etc. I had never before done the cross-country in winter. Thus, I was just a little apprehensive as to what the driving conditions would be. But the path was unbelievably clear. No snow on the ground. I took my good luck as a sign. I recalled the movie “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” and how this path was clear and got clearer. When you decide to change your life up in the winter time, it can be risky. But this is the third time I make a large life change when the skies are dark and icy bridges may come out of nowhere. And, its all good.

On this day, we make a last push into New York. While on the road, I have been, appropriately enough, listening to that new Panic At the Disco Song called “High Hopes”.

Shooting for the stars when I couldn’t make a killing
Didn’t have a dime but I always had a vision.

Those have been the perfect lyrics for my end of the year, cross-country trip.

Upon quickly settling back in this week, I have to prepare a million and one things for my new life course come January. Which is actually awesome in that I don’t have to make any new year’s resolutions. My new life path which started taking shape in December, has set into motion a resolution in action.

Question is should I bother making any other so-called resolutions such as losing weight, eating healthier, or writing a book. Well, that last one is a life goal. I do think I want to travel to Iceland right away being back on the east coast. I don’t think I will make any resolutions. I’m just going to live my best life possible. Does that sound cheesy? Maybe. But it’s something to aspire to.

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  1. Was it something in the air? I’ve also thrown caution to the wind and made a huge life change in December. Sold my house, bought a little mobile in FL to keep my residence there, as well as to spend my winters there. But I hit the road, unable to resist coming back ‘home’ to New England, even if I have to endure 24 degree mornings like this one. I’m now a snowbird, admittedly I need to get my seasons in order. I find myself imagining all sorts of adventures for myself. I’ve reached a stage of life where things can’t be put off for tomorrow. I will never be more ready, and more importantly, able, than I am now…

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  2. On top of old Smokey…. all covered in cheese…🎶. Oopsies 😁. Some parts of the route I guess you on I haven’t seen but 🙂 may the sun chase away chilly and allow smiles even if they’re silly


  3. Several years ago, I took advantage of a Greyhound bus lines promotion and moved my family from Monterey, California to New York for the princely sum of USD 200.00. (We then went further to Germany as part of a military reassignment). The kids were not happy with leaving their school and friends. But that experience (it took ten days) was one they are still talking about … with fondness.


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