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On the road again on this Christmas Eve

Our 6th journey across the country has begun and our excitement can’t be contained. Yes, we move back and forth between the coasts every few years. Not too sure why I put myself through this but I do it. Some would say I’m nuts. I say I’m adventurous and joyful.

We have now left Los Angeles and driven through Arizona and New Mexico. Our dog saw snow for the first time and has been chilling with the turtle. He stared down a horse on the side of the road but realized there was nothing to be done about the creature as we zipped on by.

And all the while on the road, I have been flashing back to some silly movies. Specifically, I was thinking of “We’re the Millers” and “Eight Heads in a Duffle Bag”. Neither is a cinematic gem. However, both have numerous scenes where I laughed hysterically. Can you imagine driving around for 100s of miles with heads in a bag while trying to escape from goof-ball assassins? Road trips can be great adventures and can be a wonderful gift to oneself if you are willing to embrace large spans of nothingness and scene upon scene of cows. I find it to be fun

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