When you are a Maledictus cursed to change each day: A little more backstory would help

I needed a welcome distraction and looked forward to watching Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Again, I didn’t read any reviews beforehand because it doesn’t really matter. I was going to watch it regardless. And so we went to catch some fantastic beasts. Turns out that I wish I had read some of the reviews. Not because I would have avoided the film. Instead, the reviewes could have provided me with a plot guide. Thirty minutes into the film and I wondered who and what I was watching. There were way too many subplots left dangling throughout the film. I went home and thought about the film, and still didn’t understand what motivated some of the characters.

One character that I was left wondering about was Nagini. She is cursed to turn into an animal every night, with an eventual permanent turn, yet she seemed poised to be a good person on the right side of the looming battle ahead. Yet, if you have seen or read the Harry Potter series, you know her ending is quite sad. But there’s nothing in the 134 minute long movie that lets you understand that metamorphoses.

Nagini is easily someone we can come across in day-to-day life. She wants to be good but her life seems to have been pre-determined to go a different path. She showed up with the good guys yet eventually she ends up propping up the evil one. People are tempted or have no other choice. Some just may not be able to escape their destiny. And that is heartbreaking. Although, if one is to be forever cursed to be in the form of an animal, being a large serpent can perhaps be beneficial.

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