Don’t just trust the process, be part of the process

Many years ago I had a work colleague who constantly noted that one had to trust the process. This colleague so greatly believed in that perspective that their wall had posters encouraging others to similarly believe such perspectives. It annoyed me to no end. Why should I trust the process? Context is everything. I was reminded of such a perspective this week and I was greatly annoyed yet again.

Processes may be rigged. Processes may not be transparent. Processes may not be fully thought out. It’s hard to blindly trust the process as such.

But one can trust the process if you don’t do so from the sidelines. You need to get involved and be engaged. You have to be vested and bought into what needs to occur. And then it can all come together.

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  1. In the process and its discontents, where to begin?

    The process, it’s rigged, the process resembles the march of lemmings, the process, and those who believe it, live in fairyland, the process, it’s not an apple rotten that you need to get rid of it, you may have to throw the whole damn barrel!

    Sometimes you got to look at life philosophically, and realize our whole system its ruled by entropy, and there’s little you can do about it, like taxes, and death, maybe your colleague trust of the process was an expression of quiet resignation, based on positive thought, at the lack of hope, what do I know, you were there I wasn’t.

    There was a singer who his grandfather was a brave military man who feared nothing, except fools, when he asked him why, the old man told him:

    “There’s too many of them, you will never win!”

    Anyway, keep the good fight. 🙂

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    • I would only trust a process if I had the opportunity to refine it myself. It’s too easy otherwise for the “higher-ups” and/or systems analysts who don’t have to utilize the process within the parameters that users generally find restrictive and/or inappropriate.


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