Not putting together my clown list


In college I had a friend who was notoriously bad about song lyrics. She would come up with some of the craziest, wrong lyrics out there. And I don’t mean mistaking “Sweet dreams are made of this” for “Sweet dreams are made of cheese”  Her confused, mistaken lyrics were always way worse than that. It made for amusing Karaoke nights. And, so many years later we can still tease her mercilessly for some of those lyrics. See, karaoke is always a great idea. I think it could even work in the office. Bring in a karaoke machine for meetings that are longer than two hours and make everyone sing at least one song.  I bet that the meetings will end up being shorter or they will be long but painfully fun.


While my friend often misunderstood or misheard lyrics, I on occasion mistake what someone has handwritten. Can’t really fault me on that, however, as penmanship is an art form that is quickly disappearing.   Many schools have already stopped offering cursive school lessons.   How are people to sign checks, letters, or report cards in the future? I suppose everything will be a digital signature soon. I signed almost every part of my mortgage papers last year digitally.   But back to my misinterpretation of handwritten notes.


I wrote for myself, my usual to-do task list on my yellow pad. I am a creature of habit that way. Then I looked quickly at item number 9 out of 20. I had already accomplished seven things-both large and small. And many more were “cooking”.  I was feeling good about my accomplishments. Thus, when I quickly looked at item number nine on my list, I didn’t fully process it.  Which is possibly why I thought I had written the phrase “clown list” for me to do.  I did a doubletake. Why would I write down that I had to put together a clown list? And what is a clown list.   I was filled with many questions and no answers. I remembered that my son went to a Halloween party at which there was a clown. I am not too sure why there was a clown but my son said that eh was funny and had many hats. I didn’t bother to ask what the clown did with all his hats. I am not a big fan of clowns. Not that they are scary. But they just aren’t that funny.


Anyway, as I thought of my son’s recent clown experience, I came to realize that I had indeed written. I did not note I needed to do a clown list (of what -the top scariest clowns?). I had in actuality written that I needed to clean the apartment. Yes, clean apt = clown list. At least when I handwrite it. Yikes. Well, good thing I figured it out. Otherwise I may have booked a clown for a dirty apartment. So random. So random.

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  1. You made me chuckle! XD
    I used to have a schoolmate too, who was very poor with song lyrics. Worse still, he would try to own the moment by declaring it’s ‘his song’!
    Glad you could figure out what you had originally written 🙂


  2. Before I taught my kids to write (I homeschooled), I bought a book about creating your own beautiful italic handwriting, and taught myself. They never learned, but I can now do two kinds of cursive, italic, and decent printing, so I’m set.

    If you need an artistic outlet (my guess is you’re too busy), it’s a nice one – because everyone can improve their own handwriting if they wish, and the result is uniquely yours.

    Just a thought.


  3. I’ve got the song “At Last” perfectly fine and misunderstood:
    “At last, my love has clowned around,
    and I’m in Dover, insisting just because
    I know it’s not over, dear because
    you have a mine, at my only listing
    and my broker says for me that
    at last my lonely Karaoke days are over
    and forever you’re mine”


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