Happiness should be contagious

What a fantabulous night they just had. They all felt energized and ready for more. They had bonded. They had danced. They had captured bits of it on Snapchat. So ephemeral. They wanted more. Something tangible.

They returned to the mansion seeking that something more. Not that any of them had said out loud. It was just an electric synergy that was syncing in all their wishes.

They ran to the back where the drinks of all sorts were laid out. And they wanted it all. They were scanning the room searching for something. Something tangible that would bond them forever more. Something that would transcend that night.

Then they all spotted it at the same time. They looked at one another, then skipped and then laughed. They all gathered in a circle and chanted laying one hand on top of another. And, then they threw themselves onto the floor and giggled. Happiness should be contagious. And they were about to make sure it would be. Sisterhood forever.

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