Suddenly, I had a lot of shoe trauma


A have a to-do list that is a mile and a half long. Everyday I rewrite it, taking items off and adding new items. Usually, it entails, adding two items for every one I accomplish. It can be daunting and yet I find a thrill in writing my to-do list. Some may consider that a bit weird, I suppose. There are also many items on my lists that manage to stay on for a while. I try my hardest to get as many things done off of my list but sometimes I get way ahead of myself and put too many items on the list.


For over a year, I have had one simple item on my to-list. For a while now, I have been wanting to get my favorite earrings fixed. I have a lot of long, dangling earrings. But this beautiful gold and pink jewels earring is my favorite. One day, somehow it broke. Two pieces. Or rather it became two separate hoops.  I love those earrings and yet for a long time, despite being on my to-do list, I could not get them fixed.  Well, I didn’t try.


Fast forward to this past week and a semi-weird thing happened to me.  I have about 15 pairs of shoes at work. I like to have one for any possible work occasion. And, each day this week, a different pair of shoes broke. One day, my five-inch heels got caught in an office carpet and the heel broke.   These pair of shoes are fierce and yet they collapsed so easily.   So disappointing. Then the next day, I wore a pair of shoes that I have had for over a decade. I have had tons of fun in those high heels.   I even once left ,my right shoe at a restaurant and got a call at midnight that they had my shoe. Don’t ask.   Then, another pair of my shoes ripped on top. Lastly, as I stepped out of a car to head into work, I walked through a small patch of grass and stepped in the biggest piece of poo ever.   Sure, the shoe can be washed but it smelled so horribly.   What is the likelihood that I would experience so much shoe trauma this past week?   Of course, I will take it as an excuse to go shoe shopping (although, I really never need an excuse to do that). However, it just seemed to be a bizarre series of shoe mishaps.


I am the type of person who tries to find meaning in weird, small events.   I am still searching. It could mean that I am stepping on some toes. It could mean, that I am not on steady ground. It could mean that someone has given me the evil eye so that all my shoes suffer a horrible fate.  Regardless, I added to my daily to-do list shoe repair. And, since I was in the “repair” frame of mind, I re-added “fix earrings” to my list.  And, I finally did it. I took my shoes to get repaired as well as my earring.   Maybe therein lies the meaning behind this all. I needed to suffer through this shoe fiasco in order to finally address a longstanding need.  Sure. It could mean that. Or it could be that it is just time to buy new shoes.

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