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I’m a vertible ray of sunshine in this pre-june gloom

For those of you that believe California is all about the sunshine, you are wrong. If you think it is perfect weather. You are wrong. Well, at least for me it is not perfect weather. It does dip to the 50s here in Los Angeles. Yes, it does!  Also, you have June gloom here. Those are the days when there are cloudy, overcast skies day after day.  If I wanted that I would live in Seattle.  Seriously.


Many people find my vocal unhappiness with June gloom funny considering that I am from New York. And, apaprently it snows in New York. Go figure.   Look New York has all four seasons and it is expected. How many show are out there where you see sunny California with people basking in beach volleyball and parties? A ton. hardly any shows the June gloom of Los Angeles. Anyway, that is all I am saying on this angle of the story. I am actually here to be positive.


It is gloomy and it hasn’t hit June yet.  However, I am trying really hard to not let that gloom bring me down. Admittedly, it is hard to not be brought down by the gloom.  Funny enough, it appears that others are way more impacted by the gloom than I am. Thus, I am a vertible ray of sunshine if this gloomfest. People are walking around cranky. Some asking out loud whether there is more to life than working for rent?  Other contemplating how to get around traffic.  I try being a cheerleader, but with this gloom, I’m only at 75% cheerleading capacity. I admit that I too feel put upon. I hate the LA traffic. Hate it.  Because I’m a New Yorker, who is used to good public transportation, I feel that I hate LA traffic even more than others. I know how things can be better.  But back to the june gloom.


I suppose I can look at it as the calm before “the storm”. In this case, the calm before the intense summer months. However, I actually have not found the summer to be super hot. Want hot? Go to Miami in mid-July! Eek. Anyway, I suppose it could get very hot here. And if so, then this might be a slight reprieve. I’m trying to be positive. Yes, I am. So, it may be gloomy but there are flowers everywhere and I am going to take in their scent and skip away this pre-June gloom

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  1. You experienced May Gray. Hadn’t realized how much I missed moderate temps till this week. Seems here in TN and other “parts east” we’ve skipped over spring and gone directly to summer (temps + humidity).


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