Today’s random ditty: The yellow ever-present stickie


No matter how much one tries to prevent such a situation, one always loses a sock or two in the dryer. It just happens. It is a part of the law of nature and is, thus, what it is. Sometimes, such a law of nature lends itself to other weird, random things.


My son loves playing with post-it notes. He flips them around as if they were a deck of cards.  I am not too sure what that is about but reminds me of when I was around his age and I would play some weird calculator game.  I would hit numbers over and over again with my friends. I think we were trying to see how large we could get the numbers to be. It was nerdy, I know. But that is not the point. The point is we are often entertained by the weirdest things. Especially when we are young. The same can be said of our pets. My dog was a very lucky dog in that I would buy him a new toy every two weeks or so.   Dogs rip their toys very easily and so there is a need for constant replacements. Anyway, I would sometimes buy him some very nice squeaky toys. Yet, there were days where he was thoroughly entertained by a sock or two.   It was cute.


But back to the post-it (or rather stickie) notes. Last week, while doing laundry I came across a ton of stickie notes that had been washed and dried in various of my son’s pants. His pockets were filled to the rim. For days, I kept finding these dried up, balled up stickie notes. They were everywhere around the house. Finally, we started to see less and less of them. Thus, we thought the stickie note saga was over.


Fast forward to this past weekend where we went to Palm Desert for a combination birthday and mother’s day trip.   As we are hanging out in the room after spending a day at the pool, I looked down at the floor. Guess what I saw!   A balled up, dried out stickie note. It had followed us 90 miles out. That was one resilient post-it. The stickie note saga was not finished at all. And, I am left wondering if it ever will be.


And that folks, is my random bit for the day.

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