Despite not being a girl, my son is stylish



Despite not being a girl, my son is stylish. Ok. I will get a backlash at that sentence perhaps. But do let me explain. I always said that if I had to have a child I wanted it to be a boy. I felt girls would be too much trouble. I felt that I would better bond with a boy. I also wanted to raise a boy, a man, that would have the utmost respect for women. that was a big contribution I wanted to make to the world. We all have our preferences. I have female friends that unequivocally wanted girls so that they could have their daughter as their best friends-like on the family channel’s television shows. I wanted a boy and a boy I got.


I got myself a rambunctious little one that runs around everywhere and acts like he has ants in his pants 24/7.  I love that energy. There are times when I have thought about what it would have been like to have a girl. I particularly think about such a scenario when I am looking at dresses for myself. I think about how lucky I am to not have had a girl lest I wanted to be bankrupt from all the clothes I would have bought and dressed her up. Boys are supposedly easier in that respect. You buy them a few rock and roll shirts, some jeans and sneakers and you are good to go.


Well, not necessarily. See, my boy, admittedly through me, is a little fashionista. Or he can be. Many from my generation are doing the same with their boys. We are giving them the styles of our generation. In part turning little boys into hipsters. Although, it is probably the adult hipsters that are imitating the little ones.



Even in a big down jacket, he can rock a classic red heavy hat in front of the Berlin Wall. The graffiti on the wall above his had says “wake up son of mine”. Well, my son with that precious smile and fashion sense is awake.



Little boys rock their wear now and I can still go bankrupt buying him cool jackets, hats and shirts. That’s right! Both boys and girls can be fun when it comes to fashion and shopping.

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