Fitting into his shoes: How can that be?



I have left several workplaces the last few years where I left an indelible mark. I have left nice, fancy hard-to-fill shoes behind for those that follow me.  It is not that I am arrogant, I just know my worth, value and contributions.  And many others (sometimes fools) come to find out the hard way of my worth and contributions as well.  I am unique in the workplace as so many still remind me. There is only one Mimi.


Speaking of shoes. I am the tallest woman in my family at 5’4″. Yes, that is true.  See, I am Latina and grew up poor. Thus, the deck was a bit stacked against me be genetics and environment. I was lucky and a product of a new generation to have grown to the average height of women in the US.  Thus, because I am the tallest woman in my family, I really can’t swap shoes with other women in my immediate family.  Considering how much my the women in my family love shoes, it is a bit of a bummer that I can’t swap shoes.  I would love to ostensibly double and triple my shoe collection.  It is what it is, though.


Am I being random enough? I have a point that I am about to get to. This morning, I was struck, and struck hard, by the fact that my seven year old son, can fit his feet into my pair of sneakers, although they are a little big on him.  I then tried on his sneakers and I could fit my foot into his shoe. I laughed, I screamed in shock and then I cried. Well, I didn’t cry. I was a bit saddened. How could my seven year old son fit into my sneakers?   I snapped a photo of our sneakers side by side reminding me of that soap opera tag line  where they noted that “like the sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives“.  Like these sneakers, these are the days of my life with my son.


Time has whizzed by and my head is spinning. These days with him (these past 7 years) are mine to remember but soon, but now, these are his days as well. Time has whizzed by and I don’t know if I can ever catch up with it. He is running through life and I am trying to catch up. We each have our pair of sneakers but soon he will not be able to fit in my shoes and I will remain steady. He isn’t meant to fill my shoes but to surpass them. That is the hope every mother has for her child.



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  1. Wow. Seven years does go by so fast! Especially when you measure it in feet 😀 I can relate. As a fairly new mother with a 7 month old, I feel as though I’m constantly trying to catch up on things. And, this 7 months has gone by so quickly. I really can’t imagine what it will be like at 7 years!


  2. Wow Mimi. Things are a bit different here because I am 5 ft 10″ and among the tallest women where we live. Meanwhile, my daughter is the most petite I know for her age. She’s not short but she’s lean. I calculated her height as a two year old expecting her to at least be as tall as me but more likely taller and I think she’s set to be around your height. That was quite a surprise. A couple of times, she has mentioned “when I’m taller than you” and I’ve politely had to explain that she’s not likely to be as tall. We went to see “Matilda The Musical” last weekend and that’s so encouraging about not letting being small get in the way of your dreams:
    Meanwhile, our son has started high school and like you he can fit into my shoes and has used them for a few emergencies “I can’t find my shoes”!! They’ve gone into the machine afterwards! I am still taller than him but he’s catching up and set to be over 6ft.
    I agree with the “Days” quote!
    xx Rowena


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