My Hotel Pet Peeves for the Week

My Hotel Pet Peeves for the Week

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This past week I was in four different cities doing multiple presentations.  Week like this make one wonder why do I need to do so much business travel. Do we not live in the electronic/digital age so as to we don’t have to communicate face to face everytime? Ah, but one must network and wear silly badges.  I utterly detest name badges and often refuse to wear them which then makes some people uncomfortable. speaking of discomfort, below are my top five annoyances this week while all on the road.

  1. Not being allowed to use the regular doors. Why must hotels force one to use the revolving doors? It makes one expend more effort with a high probability (in my book) of being stuck and wasting time.  I have seen people get stuck in those revolving doors as people rush in and squeeze through with each other.
  2. Fitness centers that are not open 24 hours. Many business dinners end late (well depending on the city). I like to work out after dinner. Nothing irritates me more than those hotel fitness centers that close at 9pm.
  3. No long mirror.  I was in a really nice hotel in Denver recently. Everything was nicely furnished. However, as I went to look at well I was dressed, I had to imagine what I looked below the waist. There was no full length mirror. Who designs a fancy hotel with no long mirror?  I had to stand on a chair to see whether my shoes really went well with my dress. They did, by the way.  But no thanks to the hotel.
  4. Weird dimmer lights.  I don’t want to have to consult a manual to figure out my hotel room lighting.  Why would they make it so hard to put on a light. As part of my bed’s headboard were six different light switches.  That is just to much effort to try to expend when either trying to sleep or trying to get up.
  5. Two different sets of elevators in order to get to the street level.  At times in tight urban areas, you have to take one set of elevators down to the lobby floor and then from the lobby you take another set of elevators to get to the street level.  That tends to add an extra five minutes to my morning routine as I head out to business meetings. Not cool. Although, I get it.

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