Happy place: Large Pacifica Haunting Waves

Happy place: Large Pacifica Waves and doggies sauntering about

I have always declared Hawaii to be my happy place. I dream of Hawaii and I feel happy and at ease. When I am in Hawaii, I don’t want to leave. I have been fortunate to have visited Hawaii both for work and for play. I just celebrated my son’s seventh birthday in Kona and it was a dream.

Ever since I moved to California, for the third time, I have tried to make California my happy place. Well, I am not in love with San Francisco, per se. I find it too crowded, too false and way too crowded.  Yes, as a New Yorker I find San Francisco to be way too crowded. However, what I do find delightful are the beaches even though (for this Caribbean girl) these are not real beaches.

The beaches are cold. Really cold. They are large and relatively empty. That, my friends, is my new happy place. I love the empty beaches and the vast waves. I love that dogs can run free and wild. I may be in jeans and a jacket but I am happy catching the large waves. I can sit on the dark, foggy beach, thinking, writing and taking in the “spooky” scene.  Inspiration can come hard and fast on the wide cold beach. Haunting tales can bleed from the finger tips. Yes, Indeed a happy place.

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  1. I get that! I used to live in San Mateo and spent a lot of time on the coast for the very same reasons as you. It’s not Hawaii but if you’re not expecting Hawaii, it’s great! Your photos bring back memories, it is cold water!


  2. So glad you were able to make the adjustment, though I guess you are now inspired to be more spooky and/or gloomy by your current happy place? It’s funny, you know, that while I lived near the ocean for most of my life, I was not inspired by that environment. Maybe I was just too used to it and so knew it would always be there and always the pretty much the same. Now that I don’t live near a beach, but right next to a lake instead, I find that I miss the sound of the waves, which is truly a sensation that I must have subconsciously absorbed but one which is even more constant than other aspects of the ocean. Like, what is that oddly ugly and out of place foamy substance on the beach in the last photo of this post?


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