Traveling with a six year old cross country: Looking for the Green Car Fairy

Traveling with a six year old cross country:

No we are not there yet

IMG_4760Since my son was a baby, we have been taking him on road trips. As a baby he slept much of the way. As a two year old, we traveled with an Elmo Potty chair across Canada that got much use making our trip completely doable. On our trip down to Florida from New York,when he was four years old, we allowed him to use his Ipad and a camera.  He did well for the most part.

At six years old, that was a different story. He was more aware of the passage of time and how it was not gong as quickly as he wanted it to go.  He could point out all the McDonalds that we passed on the highway. As soon as we started to hit the road at 8am he started asking if we were there yet. One day early on in our cross-country road trip, he started claiming to feel sick from the car ride. His tummy hurt.  I knew he didn’t really. Although, he is my child and like my, he gets motion sickness in cars. I needed to distract him immediately or else this trip would be doomed and really, really long.

I looked around me and at him. His rain jacket was a bright green. I most assuredly did not want his green jacket layered with green stomach content coming out of his mouth.  I stared quickly out the car and caught a lovely field and a lonesome man walking through it. It was a sea of green. How beautiful it all was. If only I could get him to look outside.


Then it hit me. Everything around us was green and lush. Well, in certain parts of the country. However, none of the cars around us was green.  There were tons of black, white and red cars. Blue as well. There were even many purple trucks. Hardly any greens. According to Fox Business news, green-colored cars stopped being popular in the 1990s and there is a bit of an anti green-colored car sentiment out there nowadays. I do not know whether that is true or not, but I can tell you that after 7 days on the road cross-country, we did not see that many green cars. And that is where our green-car fairy comes in.

While my son felt like he was about to throw up, I explained to him that we should start looking for green cars out on the road as the green-car fairy needed help and would reward us for spotting green cars on her behalf. He was quite skeptical at first. He asked why had he never heard of the green fairy before. He asked of the tooth fairy and the green-car fairy were friends and how did they hang out together.  The answers came readily and we soon started spotting green cars. We each reached a tally of over 100 over the road trip.  And for his troubles, my son got a ten dollar bill under his pillow.

Is there a green car here?

Is there a green car here?

IMG_7469 IMG_7481There was even a green paw we spotted for the green-car fairy who thanked us profusely for it.


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  1. Traveling with a youngster is not an easy feat; especially, if it’s that long a trip: cross-country. It sounds like you were very creative, Mimi! 🙂 You are giving your son such a wonderful experience at a young age. Lucky him!


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