Is it better to fail on a Monday or a Friday?

Forget the Bloody Mary: Just give me some Piri Piri Sauce for I Need It

Is it better to fail on a Monday or a Friday?

I could have used a Bloody Mary this morning. I am not hungover. I just could have used a cocktail that is deemed socially acceptable at 8am. It has been one of those weeks. Although, I love and crave spice, Bloody Marys are usually not my thing. However, I could very much straight up ingest some piri piri sauce that some people put into their Bloody Marys instead of Worcestershire sauce.  I most definitely need something to light a major fire in my senses today. Or rather to overwhelm my senses.

Yesterday, was one of my worse days this past year. I failed at something that I had not expected to. It was not completely my fault. I was severely handicapped by the circumstances. Some may even say I didn’t have a fighting chance. However, my body just doesn’t understand failure.  I was so exhausted by the day’s events that when I finally made it home by 10pm I was too tired to process the failure and berate myself.

However, I woke up at 6am and immediately took on the task of berating myself. It is not a great way to go into the weekend. I would rather fail on a Monday.   Although, I suppose if one fails on a Monday then there is the whole week ahead to ruminate. Perhaps it is best to fail on a Friday and get through the day and then just fill the weekend away with mindless, distracting activities. However, there is no small work win one can try to get done on the weekend to compensate for the work loss during the week. Thus, if you fail on Monday you can go for a “win”.

What is your failure DNA? I suppose it is all about your tolerance for failure and how quickly you need a win or what type of distractions you need. I think I should have failed on Monday. I know I could have come up with a win had it been so.

I could use some amaretto in my coffee. When will Starbucks start that service? My eyes are drooping straining horribly trying to find a way to stay wide open. No breakfast and my third cup of coffee and it is not even 9am yet.Well, that is right. It is still morning and perhaps I can salvage a win before the weekend officially starts.

Here is to some piri piri induced wins

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  1. Tomato juice and hot sauce makes a nice non-alcoholic cocktail too (I guess if you’re not allergic to celery you could still keep that in too), and I sub the worcester sauce for soya sauce as it’s got similar amounts of the salt/umami flavour and is dependably in my cupboard. It’s my favourite drink to come home to. Never thought of using piri piri instead of hot sauce, I may have to try that. Also I’d rather fail on a Wednesday so I don’t have the double horror of an exhausting week ahead, since the stress of failure always wears me out.


  2. My prior vocal philosophy was “Just Roll With it.” Now it might be “Let It Go, Let It Go.” Love those songwriting philosophers. Good for any day of the week!


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