What can get done, will get done: My past week’s lessons

What can get done, will get done: My past week’s lessons

……And yet it moves

I think I slept seven hours last night. My eyes have a little less haze and the coffee tastes a little yummier for it is not just a pick-me-up. I can usually go without much sleep. I have never in my life slept past 10am.  Generally, if I get six hours of sleep,  I am ok. However, eventually that lack of sleep catches up with one. Although, Einstein and Galileo seemed to do just fine. Yet, I don’t think they had the week I have had.  Well, I guess I doubt Galileo really slept much during his Inquisition. In a way I have been through a couple of inquisitions this week of which I will not share the details. Suffice it to say, I have verbally answered over 150 structured questions this week and more is to come tomorrow. In essence this week is all about defending ideas, motives and capacity. And with sleep at last, I woke up knowing how awesome I am.

Here is a short list of how I made it through this trying week (of course it is not over yet). May you benefit from said list as well.

1. I didn’t bow down to bullies. This past week I was faced with several different set of bullies tried to intimidate me. They tried to get me to change a stance and had every intent to make me feel horribly judged. I shrugged it off, fought back and showed them who was boss. When I say I am a New Yorker, it means I am not going to take things lying down. At times it really feels that people are going to always try to push one as far as they can. You just have to take a deep breath and say “no, you don’t” letting people know you are the boss of you.

2. I held steady in high heels. Despite the barrage of questions and questionable acts around me, I held steady and in high heels too. I even brought out a higher set of heels. Why not? It made me stand taller and made me stand firmly rooted (both literally and figuratively).

3. Everything that needed to get done, got done.  There was no panic in the streets of London, San Francisco or my mind. I often say “it is what it is” Well, this week was “what can get done, will get done.”   Such a phrase doesn’t mean that I will not try my hardest to get things done. I always have and always will. However, there are times, when certain things are our of your control and you cannot wreck your mind and body to do the impossible. With that mind set in place, I managed to get it all done because I took a reasonable steady pace and breathed in and out.

4. I didn’t wear any masks.  I am who I am and I know what I do.  And others learned I am strong, principled and smart. No need to be something else.

5. I paid no mind to the dramas.  Don’t get caught in someone else’s soap opera. I think that is all I have to say here.

Now it is time for a cocktail.


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  1. Wow that is amazing good writing there im very impressed. I think you were in point with everything you said and the one i like the most is knowing who you truly are thank you was inspiring for me cheers


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