Well that happened…..

Well that happened

Well that happened is an insightful, hilarious written documentary of the life of an executive in non-profits. Dr Mimi intertwines life excerpts with punchy barbs breaking through the hazy facade of what is believed to be the world of the well-intentioned. After reading this there will be no such facade left standing in your mind.

—Upcoming Book Jacket for Psychologistmimi‘s life expose

Last year, I made a New Year’s resolution of sorts. Or rather I just stated loudly for several to hear me that I would be writing a couple of books.  I know I want to write about my life growing from the South Bronx to the Tenderloin. That is an inside joke for those that understand US geography and craziness.   I also know that I want to write about my life in the non-profit world. Or rather write an academic treatise of sorts on non-profit businesses. Said goal was originally why I started PsychologistMimi.

I have come to realize these past eight weeks that both books are intertwined. I, for the life of me, cannot write a boring, dry academic book on non-profits. I will leave such an endeavor for those bent on attaining tenure somewhere and not really reflecting the realities of the daily nonprofit grind. There is no way, I could somberly write a book on “Diagnosing Organizations: Methods, models and processes.” I read that a long time ago and thought it was insightful. Then I recently re-read parts and thought “boy, are they living in an ivory tower.”

I am snarky and good at what I do.  That strength starts off in my childhood and has been part of me ever since. My perspective on the work world cannot be devoid of my biography, including my starting point.

Thus, I am starting a journal of my everyday encounters and experiences that basically leave me saying to myself “well, that happened.” Actually, that is the more cleaned up version of what I say to myself. Add another word between “that” and “happened.”   I came to realize this past week, not only is that phrase descriptive of my last 8 weeks but has been so for my whole life.   Everyone has been telling me that I need to document what has been happening and that my piece would fit in nicely with The Atlantic, for instance. However, it is more than that. Way more.

Now, I will go back and re-read my pages from the last two years and piece it all together with my childhood memories. Reflecting and tracing back memories can be an empowering endeavor. We all want to leave a legacy behind. Why not start documenting it early on?

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