Magical realism: My mom said good things come in threes

Magical Realism


My mom said good things come in threes: And she was right

My mom lived by her book of superstitions and dream interpretations. There was no such real book other than what existed in her mind. Every morning we’d get up and share our dreams. Only, however, if they were good dreams or if they were bad the  sun had to be out in order for us to speak of our dreams.  She kept a journal where she wrote out her all her dreams and then analyzed them for some time thereafter.  Whenever a new occurrence came about she would check her notebook to see if there was any match with any of her past dreams. I miss that zaniness. I was often annoyed by how closely she monitored our dreams. Now I realize that her focus on dreams -our literal dreams from the nights- led to grand dreams to pursue in day-to-day life.

You can’t focus on dreams everyday and every night without eventually trying to reach for the stars. Hokey. Yes. But there is truth to living in that mindset.  Its akin to Laura Esquivel‘s Like Water for Chocolate.  When we live in the midst of fantasy, dreams and superstitious a certain life course path can get set. Its a beautiful magical realism.

This week I was reminded of that sense of living in a dream.  Most people would not be able to handle what I have been going through. And I cannot get into here. Suffice it to say I have sadly had many interactions with the police and courthouse the past week. However, I didn’t let it get me down. It all came together this week to help me feel that perhaps I am the right person, at the right time. There has been a synergy to my life the last few weeks where I feel I am making grand strides for a brighter future for some individuals.  Has it all been perfect? No, It has not.  However, my mom always reminded me things in general happened in threes. And there was always the expressed hope that included “good things.”  This week would have been one for my mom’s books!

I had three little pieces of good luck this week. All involving funding a brighter future. All involved me in different ways. One I outright negotiated and brought about. Another I just happened to reap the benefits of being at the right place, right time. The other preceded my tenure but it is up to me to now “bring it home”, and “seal the deal.”  This all entails much work on my part the next few weeks.   I used to work like a crazy woman at my previous place where I was not always too sure it as fully appreciated.  At times, it felt like my successes which were for the whole agency were seen with bits of jealousy and thus ridiculously minimized.  Now, my successes for the agency are celebrated as the staff realizes I am doing this for them.  I even received a “thank you” note from one of my team members. he thanked me for taking time out of my busy schedule to help develop some of his skills sets. I am keeping that thank you card by my side.

I may be busier now than ever before. However, I am somehow “zen” about it all. Perhaps because I feel that I am caught in a bit of a magical realism whirlwind. I only wish my mom were here to anchor me somewhat through those crazy “wind tunnels” of my life these days. I do have my family and my sweet little boy whose chubby cheeks I just want to pinch. And those cheeks are so sweet and a true dream come true.


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