That’s it: I’m Going Back to New York

That’s it: I’m Going Back to New York

As you know I miss New York terribly and I just have not been able to get used to this 70 degree weather. I miss the constant snow falls that the east coast has been getting hit with. I miss walking the city streets of New York. I miss the pizza, the hot dog carts and the pretzels. I miss the fact that people (many) do cocktail lunches. Ah, new York. Nothing is like it. Thus, I am heading back.

……..ehem. Just kidding! It is April Fool’s day. Growing up April Fools day was an extremely important holiday in my household. My mother just absolutely loved pulling pranks on us all. I had to try to pull one prank today in her honor. I am sure she is looking down on me wishing she could have joined in the pranking fun.  Over six years ago when I told her that I was pregnant she thought I was pranking her. Or in her words (reflecting popular culture of the time) she thought I was punking her. She thought I had finally got one over her.  I laughed and then vomited. Then she knew I was telling the truth. She never thought she would see the day that I got pregnant and that she would have a grandchild courtesy of her oldest daughter.  I had always professed I wouldn’t have a child. Yet, that is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. My little boy reigns supreme.

Here I am. Another April Fools Day without my mom. She would have been ecstatic at the thought of me returning to New York. She would have fell mightily, because of her grand desire, for my “returning to New York” declaration. New York was the center of the world for her and thus for me as well.   However, just yesterday, my New York house went on to the real estate market. This is real. It is a big step. It seems so final. I know I should not think of it so, This is just one new chapter in my life. There is nothing that says I cannot return to New York, some day.  While my initial statement is not true for the moment, it can most assuredly be true in a few years or decade.

I have moved and lived about the US. I have even lived abroad and would be willing to to do so again. For today, however, I am in San Francisco. The foggy morning, hot midday and slightly chilly night city by the bay.  Sorry mom. That part is no April Fool’s joke.

Off, I go to climb the San Francisco streets and avoid the feces-riddled sidewalk pockets.

2015-03-27 08.02.46

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  1. Good April Fools joke. You caught me, too. I thought you just couldn’t take SJ anymore.

    Just heard today of the terrible drought in CA. Water usage is to be cut by 25%. It seems the sky forgot to rain and snow where it used to. This isn’t an April Fools joke – it’s not even April 1st.


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