Strawberry Shortcake: Like Mother Like Son

Strawberry Shortcake: Like Mother Like Son


As I walked past the tourists waiting to board a San Francisco Trolley, I saw many of them (despite the fogginess) holding onto their ice cream cones. I did a double take when I saw a little boy with a cone filled with strawberry. My heart skipped a beat and my stomach felt a bit of nostalgia.


I felt nostalgia despite the fact that I cannot eat ice cream due to my lactose intolerance. I brave eating cheese as there is nothing more divine yet “common” than cheese. My son is not a big ice cream person either. He doesn’t like many sweets.  As a matter of fact his dislike of sweets was perplexingly a problem in pre-kindergarten as his teacher was annoyed at the fact that he wouldn’t eat cupcakes. We did get him to try gelato in Rome and he seemed to like it as he exclaimed “this is yummy.”


The gelato he ate in Rome was strawberry-flavored and I was so proud. I was happy that he tried something new.  I was also happy that he liked strawberry-flavored gelato.   See, I don’t care for chocolate. Vanilla is a bit too vanilla (plain) for me, unless it is vanilla bean and even then I tire of it. I was always a strawberry girl.  Growing up I dreamed of strawberry shortcake for it seemed like the perfect dessert to me. I wondered why more of my classmates didn’t like strawberry.  Events that had strawberry were awesome in my eyes.


My son, like his mommy, likes strawberry-flavored desserts. Although, he still doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth at all. He is more a pizza-kind-of guy.  But when he asks for dessert he asks for a bowl of fresh strawberries. How he came up with that healthy dessert ritual must be tied with my pregnancy term.


While I was pregnant with my little boy, I craved strawberries. I gave up all sweets the second I found out I was pregnant. However, I kept strawberries in my daily eating routine. By my seventh month, I would get so happy to feel him kicking like a mad-man (I actually didn’t know the gender as I chose to be surprised) after I ate a bowl of strawberries. I looked forward to his daily 7pm kickset.  I still look back at that time and feel such wonder.


Strawberries have always been my friend and now my son has also taken to them. Not a bad thing to pass on to a future generation. For those of you that have a love of strawberries as well, I raise a glass (strawberry mojito) to you.  I am happy to be a strawberry girl.





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  1. Based on your story here, I’d have to say it sounds as if your son is the one who got YOU started on strawberries. No doubt it’s genetically (assigned) written into his code, but I’m betting HIS cravings (while In Utero) caused YOU to crave them; which is a bit of a “chicken or the egg” thing here. Interesting though and it doesn’t surprise me that your and his likes are so similar. (My kids are practically clones of me…heheh.)


  2. You and your son have excellent taste, Mimi! I love strawberries and my daughter loves them, too. She sometimes makes them chocolate-covered. I firmly believe that, whether consciously or not, our children imitate us in many ways.


  3. My MUM and son are lactose intolerant and we’ve just had our daughter tested for coeliac and other gastro conditions. Both of them are fussy to non-eaters so I can relate to your issues with your son not eating the cupcake. As much as you don’t want your kids eating junk, you want them to eat something!


  4. Strawberries ARE yummy, as is FRENCH vanilla ice cream. See, I can be a snob, too!

    I have two children. I refer to one as “mini-me” and the other has been cited by her father as “more Frederick” (his last name) than he is. As they’ve grown older and gone out their own, though, we’ve both discovered that each has more traits from “the other parent” than we might have expected. Aren’t genetics fascinating?


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