The comfort of animals on a Blue Monday

The Comfort of Animals on a Blue Monday


It has been three years since my beautiful doggie Milo has left this realm. Every time I see a smooshed-face dog, I am reminded of him and I’m tempted to run up to the dog and hug him till he howls. As the snow piles up higher and higher I look it at it longingly wishing I could still spot him jumping through the snowbanks.

On a Blue Monday such as this, one could surely use a warm puppy to snuggle up with and maybe even bring into the workplace to ramp down the insecurities.


If we can’t have dogs, maybe we could have a llama, cow or pig. How about a pot-bellied pig? Anything that chubby and cute is bound to ease workplace stress.  I think back to all the random farms I have visited with my son to his utmost delight. I recall one summer day we just drove for hours and then called a random farm we found in our GPS gadget and asked if they were giving tours. They were a bit taken back but said “sure, come on by.”


We arrived and were welcomed with open arms with a tinge of quizzical gazes. They must have been thinking “city folk!”  I was just happy to be there watching my son run around with the chickens.   And run with the chickens he did.  There truly is nothing more delightful.


The hills of San Francisco are pretty and give my thighs a good tightening. The skyscrapers of New York are beautiful at night and help you realize how miniscule one is.


Occasionally it is nice to escape, run with the chickens and feed a baby goat. Are you feeling a bit blue? Go hug an animal or think of those cute farm animals who are waiting to be hand-fed and who will lick your fingers in delight. Mind you, stay away from camels. Either way, today I will be playing videos of my little dog (who is memorialized on the front page of this blog) and thinking of my son running with the chickens


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  1. I was cleaning out my chicken coop yesterday, and my brown chickens were jumping all over me! It appears that they missed being held, so we held them for a bit. Excuse the expression, but they were like chicken soup for the heart. 😀


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