Walking the extra hill in San Francisco

Walking the extra hill in San Francisco



I like efficient shortcuts as a general rule of thumb. I think most people could agree with such a statement and point of view. “Work smarter” is the hot mantra these days in the workforce circles that is repeated oat least twice a day.  I don’t care much for using such statements in meetings for they seem so trite. Further, when someone states such a phrase in a meeting it always serves as a warning to me that the person is about to propose a course of action out of sheer laziness. Nonetheless, I can appreciate the concept that we should not be working harder to achieve so many work demands (particularly when they are unreasonable).


While walking the streets of San Francisco to and from work, however, I take the long way. I take the extra long way. If you have ever seen photographs of the streets of San Francisco you will know that I am a bit of a masochist.  At least an exercise masochist.


I am currently living in temporary housing and am too cheap to pay for a gym membership on top of my outrageous rent.  Thus, I take the long way to and from work, making sure I climb as many hills as my heart and lungs can take in my limited time to get to work or to run home without being threatened on the streets.   Did I mention the very aggressive panhandling in San Fransisco?


The city of San Francisco is indeed a pretty one. The hills and streets come up and down making one’s walk a tad bit unpredictable. Some days my legs are just fine and other days, particularly when I am carrying “work-related weight” on my shoulder, my legs fill like they are about to give out.


Occasionally, I look about my surroundings trying to capture interesting scenes to photograph. There are tall buildings but not many skyscrapers as you find in Tokyo or Japan.  What is interesting is the undulating nature of this urban landscape. Not only do the streets have varied rhythms due to either going up or down a hill, but so do the building tops. Many of the buildings create their own waves in their spirals, domed-tops and edgy frames. Between the buildings and the hills you can feel a bit like you are on a rollercoaster.


With that said, I give you a few photographs that I took on my latest masochistic walk through the streets of San Fransisco.  The composition was such that I tried to capture small bits of the scene juxtaposed with a sense of wide space that does not really exist in the everyday ground-level life in the city.







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  1. Do you live anywhere near Scott Street. That’s where my friend lives, across the street from a pocket park. As I recall, parks may be just about the only flat/open spaces in the city. I don’t recall if Golden Gate Park has flat pathways, but that is probably the only place in the city where you might find some. I commend you for taking the hilly and scenic exploratory routes.


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