Randomly Wacky: Sell some poop but don’t drive while eating

Randomly Wacky

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After ten years at my agency, today is the last day. I have no idea what the future will bring. I am going into the future assuming several new transitions in the next few years.   Hereafter, I do not see myself anywhere for ten years. I go into the future realizing that I am nearing the supposed mid-way point of my life and thus I should not spend a big chunk of what remains of my time at any one place.

Missy Elliot still raps.   The Super Bowl this pas weekend highlighted that even when you are super close to reaching your end goal, you just can’t take anything for granted. It also demonstrated that, at times, when you go for big you may end up going home.   Besides those life lessons, we learned at Halftime that Missy Elliot is still around and even though her last album was not that long ago, many of the youth of today had no clue who she was. That’s ok. She is in good company with Paul McCartney.   The other life lesson here: you can always stage a comeback or reinvent yourself.

Before you stomp and squish, consider this:   New Yorkers have a love-hate relationship with cockroaches. Actually, it is hate-hate. Seems like New Yorkers are forever more destined to have to hear that crunching sound beneath their shoes. However, scientists recently found that cockroaches have personalities! Great, can scientists now mark the really annoying, catty roaches? Right? There has to be a reason why they got funded to do that research. Even so, roaches will outlive us all.

When a roach is more pleasant than your ex.   In ever-so-wacky San Francisco, the zoo is holding a Valentine’s Day special.   Adopt a roach in the name of your ex.  Hey, you could very well get government funding for future research studies.

The Mike Tyson of groundhogs.   In case your missed it, groundhog-day occurred this past week and there are six more weeks of winter. I shrug as I head out to California. In Wisconsin, one feisty groundhog in Sun Prairie decided to be like Mike. The other Mike!   He went for a bite out of the Mayor’s ear. Yum.

Hey craig, it’s cold outside.  These days it is a veritable winterland day after day with each blizzard that comes. Some people can’t get quite used to the cold and need a little bit of a cuddle. Luckily, everything is up for grabs on the internet.   On craigslist, ads appeared overnight for blizzard cuddle bunnies.   Besides searching for a cuddle partner, there is a market for ghosts on craigslist just as well, just in case buying a cuddle partner is a tad bit too real for you.

In other science news… Before you go around tipping another cow, touch its nose. Researchers have recently found that the temperature of a cow’s nose can tell you what a cow is feeling. For the most part, I can tell you what they are feeling…

Drive-thru business plans may have to be re-formulated.   In the state of Georgia, that has a small public transportation infrastructure and everyone drives, police ticketed a man for driving while eating.    As a New Yorker who eats and walks at the same time, I really do not know what to make of that story.

Cat fight. I hate calling an argument between two women a cat fight. So, erase what I just wrote. A beauty contest turned ugly when the runner-up was sure that she should have been the one to win. She snatched the crown away from the winner. The video is priceless.

Well, these bits were all over the place today. My head is filled with too many things to do and people to see. Enjoy the wackiness of life and make the most of your bits of time or sell some of your poop.

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  1. I read somewhere that cockroaches have been kept as pets! They are supposed to be “clean” insects. I’m glad I never heard the crunch of any beneath my shoe. Ugh! What a thought. Wishing you all the best in your new life adventure, Mimi. 🙂


  2. “The other life lesson here: you can always stage a comeback or reinvent yourself.” That’s my plan for what I believe to be the final third or so of my life, and I’ll be 60 in April.

    Adopt a roach in the name of your ex. Another great, and humanitarian, idea from the ever progressive Bay Area. Maybe one’s adopted roach would have a good personality and share the secrets of that species’ longevity, not that I’d necessarily want to use it!

    And, did I miss the bit that inspired the poop-selling suggestion in your headline?


    • hmm. did I forget to write about how medical establishments are looking for people’s poop to help those that get the C Dificile parasite? Boy am I losing it. Indeed there is always room for a comeback. Wholeheartedly believe in it. 60 is definitely a great age to start a new chapter 🙂


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