Hi Ho: Its off to work we go

Hi Ho: Its off to work we go


The industrial revolution is hailed as the precursor to our great modern era. Technology took grand leaps and the skills sets needed to make a living wage started changing dramatically.  Workers eventually united against unfair working conditions.  Then unions eventually took a dive.

factory on the water

Here we are in the 21st century and does that change brought on by the industrial revolution not sound familiar?   At least in terms of how technology has changed our worklife?

blue crane

There was a recent article in the Atlantic that noted that individuals need not work hundreds of hours of anymore. Instead the workplace (or rather building one’s career) is all about having large networks and building a social media presence. However, although we may not need to work 10,000 hours in the office are we not working more than 9-5 these days?


Our self-branding efforts are non-stop. I am not too sure people know how to take a vacation from self-branding and entrepreneurship. We are constantly toiling on our brand, our image and our networks.


Toil, toil, boil and trouble. Indeed. Industry and technology are all about us.   They permit us more freedoms, more movements and more connections.

Snow falling through a dome

Snow falling through a dome

At what price?

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  1. Imposing buildings! Seem so much greater and more solid than our fragile humanity. No wonder we want to create them.


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