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This Christmas is no yellow mellow for I am breaking with my traditions: Hello From Berlin

This Christmas is no mellow yellow

For most of the past Christmas holidays, I have stayed at home despite my love of travel. I tend to like a mellow Christmas where I watch my young son come running down the stairs and dive head first onto the gifts under the Christmas tree. Just sitting back and watching him tear up the wrapping paper is a moment of pure joy that gives my stomach a warm tingling feeling.

This year, we broke with that mellow tradition and headed off to Germany. Yes, here we are in Berlin soaking in this new culture and experience. We came bundled up as if we were going to the North Pole, despite Berlin being very similar to New York weather.  I didn’t want to be blindsided by any snow or freezing temperatures. Alas, the heavy coats and massive layering. Even with all the layers, we are still strolling the streets of Berlin. There is an electric vibrancy here that my soul needed as I am moving forward with major life changes.


Everything I experience these days acts like an electric jolt to my mental system. I am awake! I am back to feeling free and filled with a need to pursue grand adventures.

yellow 2

Even on this trip, though, I have not left my sense of calendering things behind. I brought with me my trusted yellow pad. Yellow is calming in general. However, I love using my yellow pad to jolt me out of inaction. I make lists that go on and on and then I make new lists. I love seeing the check marks and noting all I have done. I don’t focus on the items with no check marks, but instead I hone in on that marks that indicate that I have been moving forward.

yellow pad

I have had other “yellows” in my life this past year. I have had my CAT scans and MRI results placed in yellow envelopes which just served to remind me of how there is still so much in medicine and life that remains a mystery.


Christmas reds and greens are indeed festive and imbue their own bit of caffeine. This year, my color is yellow for it represents the absolute opposite of my state of being and mind.


May you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your own “yellow” moment!


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  1. My youngest of two grown sons is traveling and is now in Berlin for his first visit. He is exploring the international community of artists and in his words, “Berlin is awesome, by the way! A really special place in the world in this moment in time. So many young educated, ambitious artists, designers, startup entrepreneurs, tech folks from all over the world (US, Italy, Brazil, England, Russia, Canada, Australia, Sweden, France, Turkey–just to name some countries of people I’ve met here in just two days) who are all mixing together and sharing ideas in a city that still has a lot of possibility: for an international city there are still very affordable rents, abandoned/under-utilized/undeveloped spaces, and a wide freedom to define those things on the terms of the inhabitants. I’m super stoked!”

    I am so happy for him! He will probably be there for at least a month more. He designs theater sets among other things. His goal is to meet as many people as possible who are participating in the arts, in order that they may share ideas and learn from each other.


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