Going the distance: Doing what it takes even if it is wacky and weird

Doing what it takes even if it is wacky

In this week’s installation of the weird and wacky news tidbits of the world, we celebrate the unsung hero. Somewhat. Here are some instances where we see what people’s weird inner strength and wacked out beliefs and actions will get them. Bonnie Tyler, in the ‘80s, sung about how she was looking out for a hero. Well, check these out.

The show must go on: Heavy metal rocker keeps playing his gig even as his testicle ruptures after getting hit by a cannon. Eventually he headed off the hospital as it appeared he now had a grapefruit in his pants.

Push it real good. A plane in Siberia got stuck in the frozen landscape. Of course, to get it going, the passengers got out and pushed the plane. That is dedication to getting home.

A fierce owl, a roaring porcupine and a lucky cat.   An owl was attacked by two falcons. What did it do? It dove into the water and swam across Lake Michigan.   What a rocking owl.   Now for a prickly being. A porcupine was about to be attacked by a pride of lions. The porcupine did not panic but instead pricked some butt. Lastly, a cat was packed up in a box from Virginia to Hawaii without anyone noticing. Over 30 days later, a meow is heard coming from one of the boxes.   Somehow, that cat survived that long trip with no food. Stamina, determination and luck. Don’t we all wish we had that disposition.

Not in the name of fashion.   A television reporter decided to wear the same suit everyday for a whole year. He did so to prove a point about sexism in the field.   See, no one noticed that he wore the same suit everyday. Now, had he been a female reporter, her attire would have been much more closely scrutinized.

Minimizing one’s carbon footprint. There are now busses in the UK that are trying to help with the world’s carbon footprint. This new bus line runs on poo.

Jonesing for a cup of starbucks joe. A man has spent over $100,000 in his attempt to visit every starbucks on earth.   He got this idea back in 1997 and so far he has been to 11,733 starbucks locations.   He must be really wired.

He would do anything for love. A Dutch man wanted to really make an awesome marriage proposal that his girlfriend would not be able to refuse. He did make a memorable proposal. He crashed a crane into her neighbor’s room.  Despite the fumble, she said yes. Will they live happily ever after? Only time and cranes will tell.


Going the distance. Yes, they are.  Any unsung heroes in your neighborhood?

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