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I’ll always take a chance for I want it all

I’ll always take a chance for I want it all

‘Tis the season to be jolly and engage in serious  reminiscing. There is no nostalgia drought at this time of year. Perhaps we over do it in the reviews. It seems that each year we try to top ourselves in terms of how many top ten lists of the year can be created and read.  I too am engaging in massive moments of reflection. I made a few resolutions last year but didn’t really think I would follow through on them as most people do not. By the time February rolls around over 50% have already dropped their resolutions pursuit.  Daily life gets in the way of pursuing and following through on those lofty goals we set at the turn of midnight when we are filled with champagne and grapes. Or whatever quirky New Year’s custom you engage in.

Well, for this coming year, I have my list of goals for next year. A few mirror those I had laid out last year. This year, they are going to come to fruition.  And, I have many and guess what! I am not cutting back on my goals. Rock band Eve’s Plum said it all with their song when they noted

I want more than you could ever wish for me… I take a chance I want it all.”  

Why not go for it all? Why not hunger for it all and why not gorge on getting there?  I plan to take on numerous projects to get to my goals. Some individuals, when they hear of my long list of goals, wonder if I can take it on. They wonder if my mental commitment is there or perhaps even my physical commitment. My answer is yes I am “all in.”  It is that time to move forward for I have been a bit in stasis. For a split second I didn’t want anything. I quickly brushed that off. For me there is nothing worse than not wanting anything at all.  Wanting nothing would cause me more stomach problems than my parasite did this past year.

Some may say that making such a long list one is bound to not achieve any of the goals. Of course, priority setting needs to occur and perhaps a little bit of planning and deadline setting. Can’t just have a list and wish them into existence. There will be pain at times in trying to achieve it all. Yet, one can get past the pain and recognizing that failure may occasionally occur but one can get right back up and try again.I do not believe that I will accomplish everything in one month or two. I understand things will come in due time. Go ahead and make you own long list. Don’t be afraid.

I have my yellow pad out and am writing out my long list of things I will attain. I’m not going into the new year thinking I will only attain 50% or 75% of the listed goals. I am going for it all. Again, why not?  I’ll always take a chance for I want it all. I say to fate, the grinches, the worried and the skeptical: bring it on!

I leave you with this quote form the world renowned Michelangelo:

The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.

Part of the 12 apostles

Part of the 12 apostles

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  1. You and Michelangelo must both be very confident people! My preference is to aim low (if at all) and then possibly overachieve or even not achieve. I am happy and satisfied with that.


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