I’m Back With: Some Wacky Poor Choices

Some Wacky Poor Choices

We are nearing the end of 2014.   For some it can’t come soon enough. Myself included. It’s been a bit of an off year.  The last few months, as a result, have not had my usual wacky weird news posts. I have come to find that many of you have missed it. Through twitter, through email messages and the like, I have found that even when my many followers don’t comment they are still reading the posts. Some people are shy when it comes to commenting. You should not be!   Thanks to all you that have encouraged me through this year. I really value and appreciate the encouragement, laughs and insights you have shared either publicly or privately.   With that said, I am bringing back my wacky, weird news column.


I have wondered at some of the choices I made this past year. I have wondered at some of the choices people out in the public have made.   I have been shaking my head so much this past year, I feel like I will be suffering from whiplash for years to come. I present you some poor choices that people made this past month in the return of my wacky news of the world column.


Is that a banana in your pocket? The police and its relations with communities has been in the news a lot. At least here in the United States.   Recently, a man in Colorado was not very prudent while trying to film a YouTube bit. He had a banana in his hands that he used to point at the police. They screamed at him to drop the gun and the gun pointed a banana eventually screaming “its just a banana”.   Seriously?

Selfies gone wild.  Apparently, more and more individuals are becoming so obsessed with their selfies that they are seeking out plastic surgery. So, next time you see yet another selfie post of someone after they worked out and they are showing off their abs, it may just not be real. Whoa! Not real?

Not without me, you don’t! A woman in Pennsylvania was a wee bit upset that her boyfriend ate thanksgiving meal without her.   As a result, she stabbed him in the chest.   Nothing says gratitude like a knife in the chest.

Don’t be the dude wearing the band’s t-shirt at the concert. Have you never heard that warning before?   Well, a woman in Missouri apparently has not. She was wearing a t-shirt that said “I love crystal meth” when she was arrested for….you got it.. crystal meth.   Doh!

The youth of today. An 18-year old guy was arrested for having some firearms in his room. He was also arrested for having over 500 stolen used pair of panties. Not only that but he also had several stolen pairs down his pants.

Taking your dog for a walk in the wrong part of town.   A woman in New Jersey took her dog inside a clothing store and proceeded to allow her dog to urinate all over several sets of clothes.   She then led police on a car chase. Did she think she would get those clothes on discount?

TV Rage. Apparently there was a game show being televised where a car was a major prize. A man got a bit of road rage on the TV set and punched his fellow female constant in the face.

Know your audience. A man had a wad of twenty-dollar bills and wanted to spend it. He went to a yard sell and found something to his liking. He handed a twenty- dollar bill to the individual selling the items. Here’s the rub. He had a wad of counterfeit bills and the person he handed them to was a bank teller. Oops. Awkward.

Know your neighbors. One should be able to do what one wants in one’s own house-within certain moral limits (such as do not kill etc).   Sunbathing in the nude in one’s own yard-well, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. But I’m not everyone’s neighbor. A man in Utah decided to sunbathe in the nude on his property. Then his neighbor, who is a church, called the cops on him. Moral of the story: check with your neighbor first.

Watch where you put your hands.  A prisoner dropped something in the toilet and decided to reach in for it. Bad move. Hand got stuck in the toilet.

Be careful who you blame.   A man was accused of biting a baby. He said he didn’t do it. He aid the dog bit the baby. the story was not quite true.

Chickens do cross the road.  Don’t fret if you see a chicken crossing the road. Don’t get caught up in a panic over the existential question as to why they cross the road. Just live in the moment unlike a Portland man who called cops to let them know there was an emergency.

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  1. Mimi, a dose of Monty Python and a splash of vino should set you right for 2015. Dig out the ‘Dead parrot’ sketch and pour yourself a fine glass of wine and you will be back to your sparky self.B


  2. I was ceaning a dog pen a month or so ago and saw a truck stop on the road. Weird I thought. After he left I went to check why he had stopped. Opps, my chicken were on the road. They found a bunch of wheat grain in a pile left from the harvesters. I glad he did not call 911. lol


  3. I like your wacky news, Mimi. Glad you decided to resurrect it. BTW, I also have been enjoying your other “choices.” And, I’m not shy about leaving comments. Whatever, do keep it up! 🙂


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