The Rear-View Mirror on the Road: Where Does your Soul Catch on Fire?

The Rear-View mirror on the Road

This past week I have contemplated what it means to be at the crossroads.  Traveling through the midwest hundreds upon hundreds of miles can stir the mind and make one contemplative.  The mind gets particularly jostled after the fourth time of hearing she’s a “brickhouse”  in the span of a couple of hours.  Because it was 20 degrees out there was no escaping by rolling down the windows. Yes, a roadtrip at the early onset of winter can drive one a bit wacky to the point that major life decisions seem to be within one’s grasp.


How many times have you looked in the rear view mirror and wondered if that road that was just left behind is also the path you long to escape from?  While on the road in a small town came across this old schoolbus that had been refurbished. It served as a house and as a store. It was someone’s entire life rolled up in a former vehicle that drove young kids to their future. Here it stood still yet still building up a family’s dream and livelihood.

 IMG_0644 - Version 2

Sometimes the rear view mirror is blurry and the landscape outside that mirror is on fire.   What does your eye pay attention to?


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  1. I particularly like that you mention that sometimes the mirror is blurry and the landscape is sharp. The world is large and amazing, yet we often spend large amounts of time focused on the very small rear view mirrors in our lives looking at where we have been and how it might have been better or worse than where we are going…


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