Trusting the Process while Standing still at the Crossroads

Trust the Process

A few years back, the phrase “trust the process” became a joke in my world. I heard it repeated often enough in the vein of letting go of rigidity in the workplace. It seemed a hokey phrase to me. Trust the process? Sure. But do you trust those leading the process?  I have always felt there is a need to question both the process and the people around me. There was no way I was going to trust the process in the South Bronx. The phrase “trust the process” seemed to be a New Age version of fatalism.  Many admonish the Hispanic community for being fatalistic (when it comes to health and disease prevention) yet those same may be the ones to note there is a process to trust.  What gives?

Ok. All this to say I don’t like that phrase. It gives me the heebie jeebies.

Now, literally at the crossroads, I was told again to trust the process. I almost a, buying into at this point in my life. Almost. See, I as standing on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in the midwest where you could see the horizon for miles on end. Such a scenery makes you pensive and contemplative.   I was standing there in the middle of a crossroad where lonely souls drove on by tied, weary and with a purpose.   I stood there for a moment without a purpose. I was just soaking it all in.


Nothing like standing in 20 degree weather in a vast expanse to get you thinking about your future.

The way I now see it I have three possible paths before me and I have no idea which one I will end up on. I have no idea what I will choose or how I will go about setting things in motion.   Everything is standing still before me. I am in the middle of an inert vortex that wants to explode.


Movement wants to break out and run free.  But what will it be?  I looked and looked across the horizon. An answer lies not out there but within me.   I was told in that moment to “trust the process.” Can I?

I will tel you what I trust. I trust my gut. It will push me onto the right path. It will. It always has. I suppose my gut is the process and so I stand at the cross roads trusting the process as such.


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  1. The process…

    “Mind yourself, your sidearm and your ship, everything else will take care of itself” would be the words of one of my space age characters, and as my stories end it confirms the wisdom’s truth.
    In real life I don’t have a side arm or a ship! but the idea is the same, do everything under your control right, the rest will fall into place and if it doesn’t, you tried your damn best and nobody can blame you.
    It’s tough to do sometimes and life rarely makes things easy, but when it pays off… Epic

    Nice article, always nice to read good writing!


  2. I know what you mean about hearing the phrase, “trust the process”. It almost seems trite as it’s used so frequently when there doesn’t appear to be an answer. But, like you, I’ve found there’s truth in it and is within — our ‘gut’.

    Because it’s subtle and doesn’t go about screaming at us like what we’re used to from the outside we can ignore it or just plain miss it. I can empathize with your being at a crossroads. I feel like that in this stage of my life, as well, before jobs and routines structured my life and the years melted away.

    Now, in my golden years, things have slowed down considerably with time to reflect and ponder the things I really want in my life. The answers aren’t there yet and not coming as strongly as I’ve been accustomed to. Instead, it’s a gentleness and a quiet surrender to love myself.


  3. Considering what I’ve learned about you, your gut and your process from reading your blog, I know you can trust yourself to choose a positive direction in which to proceed. I look forward to discovering your choice(s).


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