I am Pandartados: warrior goddess for social justice with a sense of curiosity, whimsy and humility

 I am  Pandartados: warrior goddess for social justice with a sense of curiosity, whimsy and humility

I am revved up this morning as I run on the treadmill. I’m a bit peeved at the daring idiocy of some people. I should know better than to read work emails at 6am. That is most definitely not a way to start off the day. The same is true about reading work emails after 8pm. No good can come of it. Anyway, I am revved up and ready to wage battle to right several ridiculous wrongs. Recently a colleague noted on my Facebook page:

“We love your force, passion, commitment, bold and take-no-prisoners way of being and seeing. Thanks for tireless effort and boundless energy.”

I have always been that day. From the day I was born, I have held a take-no-prisoners way of seeing. I also have combined that with an endless curiosity about the world that is around me. I love to learn new things and travel to new places and learn about new people.  It is that drive led by curiosity that allows me to be so bold. It’s an odd combination. While I am forever curious and driven, I possess a smidgeon of humbleness. I know it sounds weird to admit-a bit counter to being humble.  Let me give an example. I see no reason on existing on being called Dr. Mimi in interactions yet today alone I came across two people that not only introduce themselves that way but insist on being referred to as such.  Furthermore, their insistence is based on an odd sense of superiority and having to make sure everyone around them realizes they are “beneath them.”  It isn’t about having a sense of pride that they have risen above their past poverty or that they are the first in their families to reach such educational heights. I always insist on being called Mimi.  Although, admittedly many other Hispanics, have come to me to note I should insist on being called Dr. Mimi as Latinos need to attain further heights of respect in society.  I feel uncomfortable using my educational attainment as a political bat in social interactions. However, I do fight like hell for social justice when I perceived injustice to be perpetuated.

In that respect I reflect my zodiac horoscope of being a Taurus. We are known for being stubborn and efficient. However, I have never really felt 10% comfortable being a Taurus because there is so much more to me than those Taurus attributes. I would be a combination of Pandora- goddess of curiosity, Andarta, goddess associated with victory and overcoming enemies and Aidos the goddess of shyness, shame and humility.  As such I would create a new zodiac sign called Pandartados. Yes, that would be the sum of my major parts. Pandartados would be the representative of a warrior on behalf of social justice with a sense of curiosity, whimsy and humility.


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  1. What an amazing role for a warrior, to stand firm for social justice! I agree totally with the timing of reading emails. I pal of mine is called Gertrude which apparently means warrior, it was lovely to read this post and make that connection.


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