Traveling the world with my son: Seeing the struggle, resilience and endurance of people

Traveling the world with my son: seeing the struggle, resilience and endurance of people

old city wall

As a girl who grew up in deep poverty in the South Bronx where crack was plentiful and milk was not, I learned a thing or two abut resilience and endurance along the way. There are many out there today who are struggling to persevere and rise up against their challenging circumstances. Sadly, these struggles seem to be ubiquitous and never-ending.


I grew up in these struggles but hopefully my son will not. I can provide a good home and schooling for him where he won’t go hungry or without a warm blanket at night.  Yet, my son cannot, in my opinion, grow up thinking life is peachy. He has to know about the struggles and have sympathy and a desire to help his fellow human. Those are the values I want to instill in him. so far, so good supposedly. His teaches uniformly note that he has a good heart and always welcomes the new kids to class and goes out of his way to help younger kids adjust. so what he still gets his “B” and “D”s mixed up? He has a good heart.


Part of his life schooling has been taking him on trips with me around the world. He has come with me on business trips  where he can see his empowered mother perform and on countless vacations where he has learned to interact with individuals from different cultures. He doesn’t really see “color” yet or differences. We have given him a camera on trips and let him explore.


In Panama, he “discovered” the old city where we told him of the history of Panama and of its people. He is too young to fully understand the implications of everything we told him. However, he understands there was a history there and that people had lived there and had their city destroyed by outsiders.


remains of the old city

remains of the old city


He also understands that from those remains has risen a new powerful city that still honors its old heritage.

the backdrop

He still has lots to learn but I do enjoy teaching him and guiding him as he navigates the world.  The idea is to build multiple lens upon which to view the world.


through the wall window



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  1. Great post! I think travel is a wonderful educator, especially for children and I appreciate how you are able to use it as a medium to educate your son about a grittier side of life.


  2. I too think a good heart and care for fellow humans is the way to go. My daughter also mixed up Bs and Ds, until 7….fine now though.


  3. I would echo “Picket Fence” that your photos so amplify your message. In addition to the contrast and comparison noted by the others, I would further applaud your use of reinforcement. I love that there are multiple photos of the same theme, of the same feel, as if we have a panoramic view of a place we would like to be…like to experience to the thoughtful degree you have. Brilliant. I have never had a desire to visit that place at all…until this hour.


    • Ah thank you so much for your note. Im glad the feeling of that moment came through. Yeah, panama had never been high on my list. It was a last minute decision but glad i did go 🙂 How have you been? Hope you are doing well.


  4. It would be wonderful if more parents, myself included, gave their children “multiple lens upon which to view the world”. Mark Twain once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”


  5. What a lucky little boy. It’s true, mixing up B’s and D’s is nothing at the young stage in life, but the education you are giving him is priceless. 🙂 Wonderful contrasts in your photos. Thanks.


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