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Whispering and Haunting Landscapes on this Solstice Day

Whispering and Haunting Landscapes on this solstice day


I woke up at 6:10am today looking forward to the solstice. By 10:00am I already emptied out the closets of old clothes that no longer fit my son, went clothing shopping as well as grocery shopping. Feeling accomplished on this long day, I took a few minutes to look again at my rapidly growing photograph collection. I had time to sit, reflect and be transported to a sleepy magical world.

Some places are magical in how they transport you by their many varied cultural institutions, walking pathways and eateries. Others magical in the blink of the eye in how they raise the bumps on your arm, give you an unidentified sense of deja vu or are just eerily beautiful.


haunting swamp land


Flowers in mist and haze can draw you in and raise your desires to just run barefoot for a few seconds and leave all your troubles behind.

flowers in the field

Other times a land kicked up in dust reminds me of times I have not experienced but saw in an old 1950s movies where many more individuals used to work the land hard.

kicked up dust



What lies beneath the waters and what rises from therein?

lake p

Happy dreaming this solstice day. Dream away: there is time for it.

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  1. Mimi,here on the other side of the Earth, we are having the winter solstice – the shortest and darkest day of the year.
    So strange reading of your experience.
    Isn’t it beautiful that whilst an experience means something to someone, another person is understanding a completely different situation for its own unique pleasure. Great photographs.B


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