A Moment in Time in the Tokyo Fish Market: Chaos, Serenity, and Flow

A moment in time in the Tokyo Fish Market


Fish Market Corner

Fish Market Corner


I sat at the local corner starbucks in the fish market area of Tokyo. I watched, observed, drank my latte. I sat, observed and snapped one, two and hundred photos of everyday life in Tokyo.


Biking through the streets

The movement is constant but its constancy is calming. Its a flow that keeps the mind going.

Fish market corner

The scene is filled with a hundred faces. Those faces intriguing with the myriad of emotions and thoughts flashing on by. As I got up and rounded the corner I came across the back area of the market.


Back of the market


Kept walking around the block and there was another type of movement and flow. Everything had its own rhythm and rhyme.


Cart Bikes

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