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April: I hardly knew ya but you left ghosts, bad hair and dead characters in your wake

April: I hardly knew ya but you left ghosts and dead characters in your wake

shells on the sand

The flowers are sort of blooming. The tree pollen count is starting to skyrocket. The eyes are watery and the memory a little groggy. The trains are filled with sneezes, sniffles and sighs. Paula Cole astutely asked “where did all the cowboys go” to which I had previously asked in return “will psychologists go the way of the cowboy?” Now I sit back, raise a cocktail glass to my lips, licking the salt, and wonder about where time has been ticking off to.


My recollection of April is like that of a blurred photograph in the middle of shinjuko station in Tokyo. It went by in a quickly odd second. April is overall an odd month. You’ve probably heard the saying “april showers bring may flowers.” Such a saying insinuates that April is to be tolerated for something better to come. April starts off promisingly enough with much foolery and pranking. Yet you might as well fast forward through April to get to the good stuff.


In some English folklore, April is also the time when ghosts of those to die are seen passing through a church’s door. Specifically, these ghosts are seen on St. Mark’s Eve. Imagine waiting around for ghosts-in-the-making to appear and disappear. Sounds absolutely dreadful. Again, April can be a dreary month. Following in that vein, April is also the month where television characters start dying off in droves. The television season in the US generally runs from September through end of April/early May. In order to score high ratings, televisions producers aim for shocking season finales that nowadays usually entails killing a character or two off. Looking back at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, one would be hard-pressed to note a season that didn’t end with a death. Buffy herself died several times throughout the series. This April we have already seen major characters killed off on Arrow, The Good Wife and Game of Thrones. April brings destruction and mayhem to the television screen and into our consciousness. There are times when these beloved killed-off characters reappear in September after being resurrected or found hiding having faked their death. However, nowadays many characters that are killed off stay dead.


April, with all its rain, was also tough on my hair. Curls went the way of the super frizz. My skin had to get used to the yo-yo weather. I would get hives one day and a heat rash the other. April showers bring frizz and hives.


Bye bye April

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  1. Funny you should mention Shinjuku; because when you added “dead characters” to your title, for some reason I was thinking you meant Kanji characters. I love your descriptions here of the month, and of the environment that comes along with it. Very accurate!


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