Hop on Pop no more, Ghost sex, and other weird, wacky stories of people getting out of sticky situations


Hop on Pop no more and other weird, wacky stories of people getting out of sticky situations


It’s been a long week. A long weekend in that I spent four hours shopping for a dress to only come home and find the perfect one (brand new with price tag still on it) in my closet.  I also had a ton of work pile up and I have felt quite unmotivated to work on the documents this Sunday. Alas, I did. However, I feel spent. My creativity streams are at a bit of a low level as I sit here watching the Smurfs movie with my son.  Where are my brain cells going?


Anyway, hope you all are having a grand weekend. Here are some wacky stories from this past week of kooky situations.


Dr. Seuss gets a bad rap.  Apparently, some Canadians are a bit riled up by the classic book “Hop on Pop.”  I must say this is one of my favorite children’s book and cannot understand the need for it to be banned from a library.  Some individuals are worried that children will indeed hop on dad and dad will be injured as a result.  Thus, there is a fear that dads will not be able to get out of the sticky situations of being hopped on by a young child. I don’t know about you but I value the times my son hops on me. As he gets older I get a bit sadder that he will no longer be hopping on me and I won’t be able to carry him anymore. Enjoy the hop people; enjoy the book.


Lying drongos. What is this world coming to? Apparently, the drongo animal lies and steals  when they get hungry and see others with food, they scream as if they are in peril and warn others that they might be in a sticky (life or death) situation. When the other animals drop their food, the drongo sweeps in and grabs the food.  Hmm, snooze you lose. Run for your life, lose your food. I believe that I have seen this behavior in the workplace as well.


Traffic jam. You get caught stealing a car. You need to show up to the court as some point afterwards. You still own no car. What do you do to make it through this sticky situation? You could hijack a speeding bus or you can steal yet another car and drive to the court hearing in said stolen vehicle.  Hackers at times get hired by the government. Is this man missing out on a career as a repo man?


Denial of every having sticky situation. James Franco had another one of his almost nude selfies. He had another selfie in bed with one of the Pretty Little Liars actors.   We get it. He is nutty and willing to do wacky things all the time. One thing he has not done? He has not slept with Lindsay Lohan or so he states adamantly. Um. Ok.


Taking a fire in stride. Wildfires are scary, move quickly and can be deadly. They should be taken seriously.  While there was a wildfire in southern California reporters went crazy with their usual number of inappropriate interviews in the middle of a crisis. One interviewee decided to do the interview without a shirt and while on the air decided to hit on the female reporter.   Perhaps that was his strategy of getting out of the sticky fire situation?  Get a date and a car die out of the area. I guess you can’t blame the guy for trying all means necessary to survive the wildfire.


Beaverton twerking.   Three women headed to municipal court to pay a fine for a warrant. They stepped out of the court and then became obsessed. They started twerking for all to see. Did they think twerking talents would get them out of their fine?  They upped the ante by not only twerking but exposing their genitals while doing so in the town of Beaverton.  Yeah, I’m stopping there.


Ghost sex.  Speaking of sticky situations, apparently ghost sex is all the rage and not just for Demi Moore anymore. Kei$ha claimed to had had sex with a ghost. I believe that claim was before she went away for a while. Now, Ukranian actress Natasha Blasick claims she has had ghost sex. They all note that it is not very warm as ghosts are cold by nature.  Or is that nurture?


That’s it for now folks. Lesson of the week: if ever in a bind or some weird situation, don’t steal a car or twerk at the local court.  Also, wear warm clothes if you are going to have ghost sex.


Have a great week ahead.


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  1. Mimi,here am I progressing through life and it is only today that I realise that a Drongo is a bird of poor ethics.
    For all of my sheltered life I have considered a ‘Drongo’ to be a ‘Bloody Drongo’ with purely Australian roots. We consider a ‘Bloody Drongo’ as the typical person making stupid social mistakes and performing yokel misdemeanours.
    As for ‘Ghost sex’, can’t say I remember encountering this and certainly have never par taken, although sometimes memory can play tricks.
    Your energy is something else – you may need a personal manager.B


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