Life on Top in Panama: The skies looming over the waters

Life on Top in Panama

The country of Panama is pretty synonymous with its Canal. think of Panama and you probably first think of the ships passing through from one ocean to the other.  Water rules the country. Fish is a large staple of the diet. On Good Friday, water looms even larger as thousands forego meat and ingest fish. While water and thus that below is of the utmost importance in Panama, the skies loom large as skyscrapers are taking over and you are always taking a look up towards the sky.


Skyscraper upon skyscraper

Skyscraper upon skyscraper


You eyes are always drawn up as you squint into the sun trying to decipher what is the shape of that to come.

Watch the pastel spiral

Watch the pastel spiral


The bright colors build upon the top of the current buildings and form new shapes in the sky.


Churches guide your eyes up as well

Churches guide your eyes up as well


It is not just the newly built skyscrapers that guide your eyes to the top. The many churches that dot the landscape also exhort you to focus to what lies at the top. Here the statue stands tall, high above, with arms spread wide calling you up forth.


Nature on top

Nature on top


Nature also drives one’s eyes up above so that one may wonder and be in awe of the ecosystem that abounds.


Paying homage

Paying homage


Here is a statue paying homage to the nature to be found in the country.


Boats abound

Boats abound


Boats abound to draw one’s eyes back down.


Panama – a land of contrasts between the skies and the waters

Inspired by beautiful Panama and the weekly photo challenge

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  1. Great post Mimi. To look up is something of a rarity given our busy days. It is something I love to do and you have captured the birds going about their business. Now that your spring has arrived, try lying down in a park, sun streaming down and look at the beautiful blue sky. There is a passing parade of birds, gossamer spiders and any amount of travelling seed pods.
    The Panama buildings are a surprise, I wasn’t aware that development had moved so far.B


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