My life in 50 words: Social justice breathing in the belly of my son every sunrise




As a Hispanic Latina who rose from a poverty-stricken world subscribing to guiding-life superstitions, I’ve been summarily called-upon to serve as a cultural diplomat.  I have always tightly held one core belief: fairness through social justice.  My son now breathes that stridently-held sense of fairness swelling my heart with pride.


Inspired by my life and the weekly writing challenge of: fifty


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  1. As was written over the temple ” To thine own self be true”, and you are a credit to your culture, parents and your-self. If you have time and ever come to Brisbane Australia, I invite you to a cocktail to ‘fairness and social justice’.


    • So nice of you to say. I am super excited to note that indeed I will be going to Australia this summer. I am so super excited. I will be in Melbourne. can’t wait to learn about australia firsthand.


      • Fair dinkum, that’s wonderful. You’ll love Melbourne it’s culture and people are diverse, weather can be changeable though; don’t forget to let me know if your coming to Brisbane , contact on about page.


  2. The fact that you successfully passed an important belief to your son is extremely admirable. I wish other parents thought more about the values they want to pass on to their children.


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