It is a glamorous night for the Oscars Award and I feel like a producer

It is a glamorous night for the Oscars Award and I feel like a producer

I am a type A personality individual. No use in hiding or denying it. If it weren’t for me being Type A, I probably would not have reached my current and expected future levels of success considering my starting point in life. I see the big picture, I develop long-term vision and I also get the minutia of things. That takes a different type of ego. Every day at 6:30am I develop a to-do list for myself and others.  In the eyes of many, I am non-stop fast-acting energy. Many appreciate the high expectations I set; a few lament their lot in life to be within my sphere of influence.

Nowadays, many seek fame for fame’s sake so they can readily afford that SuperBowl advertised Maserati and then some. I really don’t think I could stomach being famous for eating something disgusting in less than 20 seconds or for getting drunk on a group date with a handsome bachelor. Don’t get me wrong, I am a bit of a diva when a microphone is put in my hands. I can unabashedly state that I am a great presenter. I am personal, warm, funny (dark humor mostly), knowledgeable and humble. Seriously!

At the end of the day, however, I like bringing people together. I enjoy the orchestration of life. Although, let me be clear, I do not enjoy the workplace machinations that are so pervasive nowadays. It’s as if every office is now its own Game of Thrones kingdom. However, let me also note that although I do not like office Machievalian machinations, I can be quite good at them if forced to partake. Now, where was I?  Way back in the day, I worked with a group of women to make a short form documentary on mall culture. It was not great, probably not even interesting, but it assuredly was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the interviewing of random people, the scouting out the location, and I loved the editing process. Nowadays, with reality television in full form, the editor is really the television auteur.  Ah, yes, I am invoking film theory here. It is the night of the glorious Oscar Award show telecast after all. Please permit me to wax philosophical (or academically) for a few sentences. Those of you familiar with the fabulous Truffaut movies know that Truffaut’s distinct vision and camera work were the primary drivers of his films. He was the author and the storyteller. His vision eclipsed all else. The film 400 blows set the stage for many a freeze-frame shots to follow. He was the auteur leading the film role of director to be seen as pivotal to the success of any film. Nowadays, there is grand debate surrounding the question of who is the auteur in modern-day films.

The screenwriter/scriptwriter is no doubt key and is literally an auteur. Without the words, emotions and acts a director may not have much to go on. Arguably a scriptwriter is slightly more important in the television realm than film.   As a blogger, there is no doubt I enjoy the act and form of storytelling. However, I find that everyday life consists of a stage on which I perform.  And, what I have found I am often best when not rigidly scripted. Every day I roll into the workplace, I am assigned a role to act out. I can be the counselor, the janitor, the accountant, or the trainer. I have indeed, since childhood, dreamt of hearing the phrase “and the Oscar for best actress goes to….”  Every night after work, I do tend to pat myself on the back for how well I kept a straight face or acted interested in a meeting where others were so checked out mentally that they started to sew a button on their shirt.  Yes, I am a natural-born actress.  I would argue the same for many other female executives. However, that will be something I explore in a future post.

Today, while presumably watching Cate Blanchett win an Oscar for best actress (unless there is a major upset which would be supremely cool), I will be dreaming of a time I get to put on a shiny ball gown and dance with an Oscar in hand. However, if I were to pick a film role for myself, I would most assuredly be the Producer. I rather enjoy the act of guiding an event or project production from start to finish.  As a producer I would be able to work with both the screenwriter in developing the grand ideas behind the film and director in developing the grand visual ideas.  I would assemble the crew and help determine the cast. When the film production was over, I would then be involved in the marketing and eventual Oscar baiting.  Being a producer allows one the ability to see both the big picture and the micro aspects of a project development and life in general.  The dual perspective surely comes in handy on a day-to-day basis.

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  1. And as producer, you would cast me in the role of “best friend,” the funny supporting actress. I like when I can make my people – and things and projects – look good. (Love your line about sewing on buttons during a meeting!)
    I’d like to thank the Academy…
    Oops, reality check. Enjoy the show!


  2. Wow, you sound a bit scary. If I were presented with a list at 6:30 am, I might rebel. I hear what you mean about acting, some is required in parenting, too. And needs to be spot on perfectly contrived or it will be seen straight through. I like a little free-flow, time for spontaneity, room for a happy dance or two, and a dash of new writing. I daresay there’s room for both of us.


      • Absolutely, make lists galore. 🙂 I bet you are a powerhouse. I am in my way, too. If I make a list, it’s because I’ve got so many things to do I’m losing sleep worrying they won’t all get done. So, quite unfairly, I associate lists with anxiety. I don’t know if I’m quite Type A, I might be Type A Minus. 🙂 You have a fab weekend, too!


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