The City that Never Sleeps went a Week without a Murder, but What is up with That Handbag Fetus? Here is this week’s wackiness.

It has been a bit of an odd week. Government officials were acting bratty while the populace held back its murderous impulses.  However, there were some wacked out thoughts put out there.   Weiner in an interview noted that he was without a soul. Such a declaration, while appearing true to many, took many by surprise in how sad it was.  Other new s had us wondering what secrets our past held and what the future would bring. Here is hoping to a brighter week ahead.


1. New York City: Went a week without a murder. It’s the second week this year the city’s been murder-less. In January, during a cold spell, the city went nine days without a murder. Can this now put to rest those stereotypes about New York City being so dangerous.

2. Teenaged Victoria Secret Shoplifter. Well, so much for New York City not being so dangerous. At a Victoria Secret store in New York City, a teenage girl was caught shoplifting. That is par for the course. However, what the security guard found in her bag was a little more outrageous than a lace bra. The security guard found a dead fetus in the bag of a teenager. A tad bit creepy. Kids these days.

3. Congressional stenographer. The government shutdown sure made a lot of people frustrated and wacked out. I guess for one congressional stenographer it all became too much and came to a head the night congress came to a deal to re-open the government. As Congress was voting to reopen the government, a stenographer began shouting and flailing about. Eventually she was removed from the House floor. She invoked the freemasons but no one is quite sure what drove her to the point of finally being unhinged.

4. Injured, yet smart kangaroo.  Kangaroos have hutzpah and smarts. An injured kangaroo made his way into a pharmacy demanding treatment. Well, not in words, but his eyes did say much. Got to love a good kangaroo story.

5.Michael Spann.   Back in 2006, blood started to come out of his eyes, ear, mouth and nose. The blood was spilling out everyday and apparently he was not undergoing some supernatural event. He may, though no one is sure, be suffering from haemolacria. Perhaps he can star in the new Carrie television show.

6. Diana Reaves Costarakis. Grandmother of the year or worse mother-in-law ever?  Allegedly, Ms. Costarakis tried to pay off an undercover cop $5,000 at the local Home Depot so that he would kill her daughter-in-law. To entice him to do this kill, she even offered the cop her daughter-in-laws jewels noting that they couldn’t be traced.  She claims that her daughter-in-law was abusing her granddaughter. Her daughter-in-law noted that her mother-in-law was making stuff up and that she was hurt by her actions. Thanksgiving is going to be a bit awkward this year to say the least.

7. British red squirrels. And they say Americans are vain. Have you checked out the latest photographs of red squirrels checking themselves out in the water’s reflections. Can’t say I blame them. They are darn cute and a dwindling in numbers.

8.Neighbors in a townhouse in Centretown.   A family, with an autistic son named Logan, has been issued an eviction notice after neighbors complained about the noises emanating from their apartment. The family constructed a small trampoline inside the condo as a form of therapy. Now, having lived in Berkeley where the walls are rail thin and you can hear the person in the bathroom downstairs, I can understand completely how trampoline noise could be disturbing. But we are talking about a family with an autistic child. This isn’t so much a wacky story but one where unfortunately no one wins and a poor kid is caught in the middle of it all. Here is hoping that scientific advances in the realm of autism accelerate.

9. Dmanisi hominids. Recently, scientists discovered “skull 5” and four other fossil craniums in the Caucasus mountains  that contain features previously ascribed to three different species of human ancestor: Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis and Homo erectus. Say what?  Our understanding of where and what we have been is still evolving.

10. Spooky Russian Space Cloud.  Have you caught the photos of a creepy cloud hanging over Russia? Perhaps Palin caught it from her backyard? There were thousands of UFO sighting reports. Yet,  there was a Russian missile launch that took place that had been well advertised beforehand. However, what caused the uproar was that both NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins and Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano took photos of a hazy space cloud with Earth’s rim in the background causing many to freak out.  Chill out folks. Nothing here but smoke and mirrors, or so the governments have told us. What ever is out there?

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  1. Happy Friday! Your ‘week’s wackiness’ articles always make my day. I listen to NPR on my drive to work, but they are not nearly as entertaining as your witty and informative article! So thank you.


  2. Only in America. Only in NY can someone go shopping with a dead baby in their bag. I heard the story and I did not know what to say. With that said, NY is like no other city in the world and I miss it.


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