Chillax: this week’s top ten wacky, “what were they thinking” people

Chillax: this week’s top ten wacky nutty people

Another week has come and gone. Feels that the time between is getting shorter and shorter. Which is literally not possible, right?  With another week, come another set of wacky antics by some nutty, bewildering people. Who made your list for the wackiest this week?

1. Anthony Weiner. Oops he did it again. He just loves the spotlight, selfies and laughing creepily. Of course, he wouldn’t leave the NYC race alone. Even in defeat he was defiant, flipping the bird at reporters on the night of the election. But his wacky moment this week (let’s see what happens next week) was not his election night reaction. Rather, his wacky moment came the night before when he gave a series of interviews to the various news media outlets. In particular, his wackiest came when he was asked by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell what was wrong with him.  What followed was an epic shrill meltdown. You gotta love Weiner. Such a shame we won’t be able to call him Mayor Weiner.
2. Espn for booking Eminem on ESPN’s Saturday Night Football halftime show. Eminem is apparently freaked out by live television as he noted during the interview. He was there to promote his new Berzerk music video and the interview lived up to the rapper’s song title.
3. Buckingham Palace Guards.  Talk about a big oops. Apparently, Prince Andrew is just not that impressionable as the palace police were not able to recognize him this past week and stopped him in the palace gardens and asked him to verify his identity. They not only stopped him, but they asked him to put his hands up. I guess one can say they were being diligent? Perhaps they should carry with them photographs of the royal family so as to more readily identify those on the premises?
4. Those sending in their toes to the downtown hotel in Dawson City. Who said Canadians cannot be wacky? Apparently, this hotel in Yukon city, makes a (in)famous cocktail called sourtoe.  I love a good cocktail as much as the next cocktail aficionado. However, this cocktail I am a bit ambivalent. You see, it has an actual toe in it and apparently, the toes have been disappearing and thus there is a call out by the hotel for toes.  Who is sending in their toes or are they pulling a soprano?
5. Chinese woman breastfeeding  while riding bike.  I do not believe there is much more to say about this. But yes, she was stopped by police for apparently breastfeeding her baby while riding a moped.  On the one hand, fabulous that she is taking care of her baby’s needs.  On the other hand, she is putting his life in some danger, no? Oh, motherhood. So complicated.


6. Lois J. Lerner.  Haven’t heard of her? Do you pay taxes and dread every April 15? You should know her name. She is at the center of the IRS scandal regarding the targeting of tea party affiliated organizations and their tax-exempt status.  This week, newly released emails show her train of thought and point more and more to the actual targeting of these organizations. Regardless of what you think of the actual parties it does seem that the IRS was engaged in a bit of a witch hunt. And that is not even the wacky part of this. Question is: why did she write this all out in electronic mail?  People never seem to learn, email can come to bite you.


7. Patient dumpers or those that engage in “Greyhound Therapy.”  The city of San Francisco is suing the state of Nevada for allegedly engaging in psychiatric patient dumping.  According to the lawsuit, officials in Nevada place psychiatric patients on a bus and drop them off onto the streets of Californian Cities. Outrageous: yes! First time this happens: absolutely not. When I lived in Washington, DC there were reports that the mayor would round up prostitutes and drug addicts and bus them over to across the  Virginia state line.  Shame on those that engage in this tactic.


8. The editors at Nevada’s Reno Gazette-Journal: Nevada is on a roll these days.  Apparently, the grown children of Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick wrote and placed an obituary in the newspaper depicting a very cruel woman and mother. The obituary read a bit as a cathartic venting session. Interesting way to honor their mother.  I am not judging them on that. But that is not the wacky part. The wacky part is that the editors took down the obituary citing it was too harsh. Who says obituaries have to be all kindness and light?


9. French weekly paper Le Canard Enchaine.  Of course, I am not for censorship. But when this French weekly paper produced a series of cartoons mocking Japan for winning their 2020 Olympics bid, it seemed a bit in poor taste.   One of the cartoons showed two sumo wrestlers with extra legs and arms competing in front of the crippled nuclear plant with a sign reading “Marvelous! Thanks to Fukushima, sumo is now an Olympic sport.”  Of course, this newspaper is a satirical paper. Perhaps a bit more like the Onion. But occasionally, even satirical papers get asked “What were they thinking?”


10. Esquire magazine.   This week, Esquire made a terrible 9/11 Mistake by juxtaposing a falling man photo next to a headline that read “Make Your Commute More Stylish.”  Oops. What were they thinking? It very well could have been a computer glitch. What makes most people wonder was their tweeted response to the controversy, which read: “Relax, everybody. There was a stupid technical glitch on our “Falling Man” story and it was fixed asap. We’re sorry for the confusion.”  Really, that’s your response? Maybe you can get together with Weiner and just chillax…..


Honorable mention:  The bicyclist who ran over Nicole Kidman.  Those of you in New York City know that bicyclists often take to the sidewall although they should be riding in the streets with the automobiles. I, myself, have been bowled over by bicyclists. And now with the bikes widely available throughout the city, there are even more crazy bikers out there. Let’s see if bikers can staff off the sidewalks going forward.


That’s it for this week folks.  Chillax and enjoy the last days of summer.




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