Elvis’ Graceland Wall of Accomplishments: What Do our Own Walls of Praise Mean?

Elvis' Graceland Wall of Accomplishments: What Do our Own Walls of Praise Mean?

It is striking how much Elvis accomplished by such a early age in life. How many musicians nowadays can reach such a stage?

How do we, us mere mortals, note our accomplishments without a wall of gold records?

When I visit someone’s office I immediately notice their mounted plaques and awards; as well as their photos with so-called celebrities. At times such tributes to oneself seem a bit gauche, narcissistic and egocentric. Are you really going to sit in your office all day and gaze at your wall of praise? Such a wall, kind of reminds me of Carly Simons’ song “You’re so Vain.”

When I see such walls of accolades, I wonder does this person really deserve such tributes or are they just really good as presenting a certain self to the public? I actually leave said offices a bit skeptical. I start thinking: was that person in every photo? Was every plaque about them or about their agency?

I wonder, if I am to work with this person, will I just be another “thing” to make that person look good?

But then again, if we do not note our accomplishments who will, besides our mothers, let their walls bear witness to our greatness?

There is a fine line between noting our accomplishments and making all bear witness with grand praise to one’s awesomeness.

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  1. I agree with this one as it does seem like piling on when you get more than a few accolades. That fine line between success and vanity. It is not the worse problem to have to struggle with- I guess?


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