Category: mental health

Not knowing why

In psychology, we note that there are times (many often) in which we may not know why we have done or said something. Sometimes we can’t quite spell out a why. We don’t always know our own motivation. As kids, we are (were) honest about not knowing why […]

Shady catty liars

Some fat cats in zoot suits Throwing darts with sharp tongues Twisting words in the wind Truth leaves a bitter taste Lies soothe their jagged cheeks They dance to a different beat Faking reality rolling a ball of dust They are shady catty liars Save your breathe Ready, […]

Hope is a time thief

To hope for hope. Is that a bad thing? Hope is eternal, or so they say. People often encourage others to not lose hope. However, hope can turn to despondency when hope is a time thief. You wait and wait. Then there’s no relief. Yet, giving up on […]