Category: mental health

Time to fill the empty jar

Every year he stopped by the grave to share his secrets. Dead men tell no tales, supposedly. Although, the way everything was progressing they would soon be able to enact their own version of bringing Wesley back from the dead ala Princess Bride. He would bring his empty […]

Your crooked alibi

From the moment I met you I knew you were a crook A stealer of souls A thief of dreams You pilfer at will And plunder with no care Claiming you are filling their minds Broadening perspectives And the lonely lap it up And the scared believe the […]

Let’s not

The night sky is too beautiful The waves of the ocean are too stirring The breezes too mesmerizing Let’s not pretend Let’s not laugh while digging the knife in Let’s not talk niceties Let’s not try to on a ridiculous bravado Why don’t you find your moral compass […]