Category: food

That’s enough garbanzo beans

To say I hate garbanzo beans is an understatement. What’s stronger than hate? I detest garbanzo beans. Although, that sounds weird to state outloud. Detest should be reserved for abominable humans. Although, I really do try to not hate humans. And not detest. Takes up too much energy […]

Mallomars and biscuits

Inflated Deflated Burgeoning Withering Cascading Trickling Sinking Rising Mallomars Biscuits Insightful Unperceptive Straight-laced Bohemian Gooey Zooey Aridly firm Give it to me all And let me bake in it Out I come out Like a hot cake with a fudgy inside I’m your friend I’m not your friend […]

The smells of summers past

I was standing by my bathroom window when a slight breeze swept in. With it, came a flood of memories. A 101 smells in one. Dejavu Woody Firestorm Musk Ocean Deep fried twinkies Cabin Mildew Key lime pie Greenery Pink lemonade Memories of summer past Mojitos Orange lipgloss […]